All-new hardware Wave Station is released!

Rejoice, fans of classic '90s digital synths with joysticks. The Wave Station is back, and it's new homepage is right here. (Don't blame me, blame Jeff. It was his idea)

Oh the humanity!!!!!!
"No more ice chunks!"

Sweet, that was the only thing I hated about the original Wave Station.
this puppy has 750 Watts Peak Power!!!
They still haven't put a resonant (dispensing) filter on it though...
Hmm... Redefining the LFO - Liquid Frequency Oscillator! You go girl.
Good to know it's dishwasher safe
bahahahahahahahahh that was a good one.
Man, someone HAD to invent a blender-piano-synth with 7 notes knobs and washable speakers. For home-made music cooking.
and semitones blades.
cue the "loser" sound from price is right...
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