$595 buys you a hell of a lot of knobs

Harmony Central report on the Glasstone Tin Can, a valve preamp pedal. I don't know anything about it, but I've never seen so many knobs, switches and buttons on a footpedal before, although I suppose the Triwave Picogenerator has the edge, although it's not really a guitar pedal...

This is more of an amp than a pedal, it's a multi-channel pre-amp which is basically an Amp - Power section. Pair this up with the likes of a Mesa Boogie, VHT or Marshall tube guitar power amp and you have the equivalent of a full multi-channel tube amp.
Not to toot my own horn, but this custom PU I built only has one less knob: http://experimentalistsanonymous.com/stuff/paralleluniverse/images/custompu2.jpg

Some custom 4ms pedals also have as much or more, http://4mspedals.com/panneur/wadee3.jpg

Not to nitpick...

...and the prophecysound infinitphase, too, 18 knobs (or more with custom options) (unfortunately OOP) http://prophecysound.com/images/ifmkii/ifmkiiA.jpg

OK, I promise to stop now... I just love knobs is all.

this has a stereo 5Band eq. using 10 knobs wich leaves us with 3 more knobs. gain, volume and ????
Their website has a user manual that describes how the thing works, and shows what all the knobs and switches do. www.glasstoneamps.com
There's sound clips too.
It's got tooobs!! :-)
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