Yup, it's the official Moog Tracksuit

It's certainly tempting to suggest that, just six week's after Bob Moog's death, the launch of the $99 Moog Tracksuit is evidence of his company jumping the shark in a quite spectacular fashion. But I won't say that. I, for one, love the image of the entire Moog corporation all running round their new factory building cool stuff while wearing matching black trackies. Like B-Boy munchkins.

Oh dear. Why have they got Special Needs Child modelling it?
Kinda looks like David Cross.
nice hat though.
"Nobody knows what entitilitus is, but entitilitus kills".
Music Thing was the talk of the Moog office this morning... I wonder how many other MI manufacturers check in here on a regular basis? Quite a few, I suspect.
Thanks, Music Thing! ;)
(We elected not to tell Mike Adams about the "Special Needs Child" comment.)

- A. nonyMOuS
Moog Music has just gone through a tramatic event with the passing of Dr. Moog! Cheap shots and quirky phrases are the last thing they probally need! I think the Track Suit is a slick idea and their instruments speek for themselves.
yeah, the 'special needs' quip was a bit low.

anyone can see he's actually Amish.
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