Tony da Gotorra and his awesome.. Gatorra

Dimitre writes with news of Tony da Gatorra, an avant-garde musician from the south of Brazil, who developed the 'Gatorra' instrument. "It is all in one thing," says Dimitre. "Mixes an electronic drum and a synth with some few notes, in a guitar shaped instrument he play it with both hands and foot." There are several music samples at Tony's website, along with a photograph of him and several multimeters. The music is... challenging. Tony also has a political blog (in Portugese).

his music rocks!!!!
I second that, "O Que Tu Tem" is FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!
I have passed the challenge of his music. It is excellent.
Tony is the butterzone
this guy is like the latino Wesley Willis
Wow, good tip, yeti!

When you're listening to the radio, do you ever stop to think about how few songs are played by obese schizophrenic black musicians from the streets of Chicago? I know that I think about this all of the time. The airwaves are cluttered with alternative rock, rap, and R&B; meanwhile, the "obese schizophrenic" musical genre is severely underrepresented. That's why everyone should start calling their local radio station and requesting songs by Wesley Willis.
Wesley Willis is 6 foot 5, weighs between 300 and 350 pounds, and likes to greet people with a headbutt. Shortly after he made his first album, he was diagnosed with chronic paranoid schizophrenia, and he now claims to have "schizophrenia demons" in his head that take him off of his "harmony joy rides" to put him on "torture hell rides".

And you know what... he doesn't even post on hiw own blog! He writes LETTERS to a guy in São Paulo who posts them in the blog.

It doesn't get more oldschool than that!!
Wesley Willis - Rest In Peace on a harmony joy ride
WOW! This is more like early devo(hardcoee vol.1 and 2)
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