Things might be a little quiet round here...

So, last week I completed operation flog-all-my-hardware- and-buy-a-Nord-Modular-G2. It's a pesky time-absorber (you build synths out of lego-style modules on the computer, then play and tweak them in the hardware). Here [1.7mb mp3] is my first creation, a very basic beatbox (just two sounds) surrounded by delays and pitch shifters and feedback loops. There's a great forum at Electro-Music, where really clever people do geeky-but-cool things like recreating the 'Funky Drummer' loop without using any samples. This [85k mp3] is what they arrived at.

You didn't ditch the Evolver did you? That would be a real shame!

You have seen The Definitive Guide to The Evolver, haven't you?

God Bless the Evolver! :)
hitch the evolver to the nord modular and then back again for endless excellence
No, didn't ditch the evolver. Thanks to the magic off Sound on Sound reader ads, I sold a Microwave XT, Mo-FX, Korg ES1 and a BCF2000. No regrets yet.
One of the first things I did was write a patch to use the G2 as a controller for the V.3 Evolver: Here.
instant autechre eh? ;)

great piece of hardware.
The Funky Drummer thing is cool; it's recognisable as what it is and yet distinctly different; it's the no-brand Funky Drummer.

I'd like to see all the great drum breaks replicated in open-source softsynths (i.e., Pd, SuperCollider) and/or with detailed how-to descriptions.
mellow autechre even ...
like your beatbox mp3. very cool... see you at
Welcome to the jungle, dude :) See you at em.
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