There is a God, and his name is Sony PCM-D1

Will you just look at that. It's a flash recorder. It has built in stereo condenser mics. It records 24/96 wav files on 4gb internal, or memory sticks. It has analog VU meters. It runs off four AA batteries. It's made by Sony. Out of titanium. It looks like it was designed by Dieter Rams and Captain Nemo. Truly, it is the coolest thing I've ever seen. And at $2,000, it's a lot cheaper than the previous Best Thing Ever. If it was April 1st, I'd have made this up. Link to Harmony Central page. But of course, you might want to stick with your M-Audio Microtrack...

OMFG that thing looks awsome, I know what's going on my x-mas list this year
Hmm, cool looking I'll give it that, but 2k$ for a handheld flash recorder? Wonder if that 2k$ is the premium for a sony product without ridiculous DRM?

Personally, I rather enjoy my Sound Devices 722.
that looks pretty amazing!!!
The LCD shows it's recording at 24/96, which is a good start.
More interesting are the HPF and LIM words.
Hopefully that means it's got an analog high pass filter and limiter in it. If the mics sound good as well, this is a great bit of kit.
The analog meters are a bit pointless. I'd only be worrying about peaks, not rms. It's clearer on the digital scale.
Wow! Too bad it's so expensive.
2g's! really, why so much? why do things that look so cool have to be so pricey?
for $2000 it should be a cellphone too
OMG that is one gadget I want! Now where can I dump my Tascam gear.... We are gonna go broke with all these guys launching a cool gadget every month.
Looks good, but can I use is with my own condenser mic? The built in ones look a litte below par. And the analogue VUs are for show - peak is the only real meter needed for digital recording, unless there is some sort of built in limiter...
this thing weighs as much as a marantz pmd660 and half as much as a sound devices 722 which at twice the weight and a slightly higher price features a lot more useful and professional features. but still, the sony weighs about a kilo, that's as much as my camcorder and a lot more than what should be possible.. I only want an Apogee Mini-Me with an SD recording frontend.. for about 1000 bucks.

For ENG the Sony seems to be a little overkill and for film shoots you can get better suited gear for the same price. so I really don't get it, despite the coolness factor. even if the mics are good they are gimmicky on a $2k device. the previous Best Thing Ever still rules supreme in my book.
Didn't Scotty use that in the original Star Trek to stop the Enterprise from going Warp 35?
Fantastic, it will Marantz a run for their money. It has mic and line in I bet, and for those who do not understand why you would want built in microphones on a SSR (solid state recorder) don't understand that there are times when compact quality and speed of use are essential.

The price seems reasonable, though I could only afford the Edirol R1- which I really like. For 2k I don't want memory sticks, I want Compact flash, and only 2gb. Lets see... at the current settings, that would last, what 15 minuets.
Very cute looks...but wildly overpriced, notwithstanding the two good microphones. For this much I could buy an Edirol R-4: not so pretty, but records 4 channels to a 40 gb drive at 24/96, and have $600 left over for buying some microphones.

I work in the film biz as a production sound mixer, and while this is a lovely device my gues is that you won't be seeing many of them on set, except from people who want to suggest they have more money than sense. I'll buy one in 2-3 years when it's been made obsolete and only has residual value for its pretty looks :-)
I'm actually going nuts now, should y buy this one, or a ares-m by nagra.... if it's just for sound recording of ambiences that I further process in sound forge by special effects, the sony is a bit overpriced yes
That is totally rad! I must have it.
this is a hoax. look at the photo. there is nothing about it on the sony webpage.
this is a hoax. the photo is fake. sony does not mention it on their webpages. i already said this here but my post got deleted. this only prooves that it is a hoax and the publisher knows.
interesting... now my post is visible... just a few minutes ago it wasnt there...... sory :)
Yeah Charon.

Watch your back, man, the black Music Thing helicopters are after you.

If someone did hoax this (and those VU meters do seem a little bit OTT), can they hoax some more cool stuff?
Still think it's a hoax? click to see a man with a terrible beard holding one in his hand
its been photoshoped :))) the picture is on the domain of the hoax-source
at sony japan

if you can't wait to read the specs
We finally got a PCM-D1 from B+H and it's everything they promised. Initial tests show low noise and high sensitivity. The built-in Mics work perfectly for voice and music with few adjustments necessary for optimization. It feels very solid with logical controls , inputs, and outputs. Live music and voice have great presence with no apparent coloring. Now in hand , the price seems reasonable for a durable unit.
WTF?! 2 grand and it doesn't even do timecode.
TO DESDECHADO: I got one, too, but everytime I turn it on the "SET CLOCK" screen appears, and I have to reset the clock -- does yours do that? BTW, the recording quality is unbelievable!
Wow... this thing is amazing. I've been looking for something that would do the job for stereo session recording. I think I need look no more.

This would be great for hq recording of jam sessions with the band, or hq acoustic jams at festivals, etc...

Plus the thing looks damn cool, I'll for sure be able to impress all the girls and let them think I'm some super audio engineering guru when I'm only an audiophile at heart with an amateurish approach to recording :-)
It actually really is the Best Thing Ever, way better than the Cantar X if you only need stereo. I use it for sound fx recording and it has a better stereo image and better isolation that using stereo shotgun mic and a portadat or PD-6. I carry it with me everywhere in my man purse and use etymotic in-ear headphones, and I'm getting stuff that I needed a boom pole and mic cables, and a PortaDat and a front-loading satchel to hold the dang thing (which also makes me a robbery target). It's worth every penny.
is the pcm-d1 for sale in europe?
According to the specifications, the PCM-D1 is just the thing to record church services, especially if the organ has 32-ft. stops. I also think it would be useful for school bands, orchestras, and choirs to record their performance, then transfer to CDs for fundraiser sales.
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