A swarm of electric sitars on the 'Bay

Kaden has spotted a whole load of electric sitars on eBay:
#7353941812 is above - a Pentasystem Pentasitar. Only five strings on the guitar, and 13 on the sitar part. Pentasystem were a short-lived company producing five string instruments with some kind of fifth-based tuning system. Their homepage now points to a Phil Lynott tribute site. I'm not sure they're really going to get $2,199 for this...
#7352820480 is a vintage Danelectro-made electric sitar, with bidding already up to $2,550. #7354505876 is the same, but cheaper - a modern Danelectro Coral, on Buy it Now for $325.
If the Danelectros aren't kitsch enough for you, #7353839422 is an 'Italia' brand electric sitar, with a kind of Hagstrom/Franz Ferdinand vibe.
Finally, remember the "sounds like a swarm of angry bees" Keyboard Sitar? #3773047368 is an electric version. Far out.

what is it with people and describing something as a Sitar? None of these things is remotely close to a sitar.

A sitar has 7 main strings, 4 melodic and 3 just for strumming. Beneath those 7 the resonant strings, which normally don't get touched apart from getting the occaisional brush with your little finger nail as an accent.

You may think I'm being pedantic, but if it shows some serious lack of cred to suggest a Yamaha DX7 is a Moog Rogue, then I suggest that passing off a guitar with extra strings or a BulBul Tarang as a Sitar is just laughable.
You can have an electric guitar that is remotely close to a sitar for $229 US (free shipping) if you buy a

Rogue STR-1 Pro Electric Sitar Guitar
at Musician's Friend. I can't vouch for how it sounds but it's not much for a lark.

Laughably yours,
The Nettles
What the hells is with those anrdoezrs.net / qksrv.net clickthrough affiliate link redirects? Why not just link directly to the Ebay pages? Perhaps Kaden also spotted a nice way to earn a few bucks off tricking people to click some tasty spam-links on Music Thing?

Well, here's the de-spamified versions for those of us who automatically block against this kind of crap. In other words, I can't accidentally click your spammy-ass links because my system is set up to block them in at least two different ways.

Hi Dave (Mu-sly)
If you set up your system to block links, then you won't be able to follow links.
If the reciprocal ebay links (which earn me a few cents, and have nothing to do with Kaden) annoy you, then why not visit another blog?
hey mu-sly, i certainly don't have a problem with tom's anrdoezrs links to ebay - you're being just a touch too paranoid about dodgy links. gor blimey, he certainly doesn't have to do the blog for our enjoyment.
he's found a way to earn a shilling or two, good for him.
if you or anybody else doesn't like it, you have the choice of going elsewhere.
now, let's have no more of this nonsense and everybody play nicely.
These instruments are called sitars more for the sound they make than their actual configuration.

The obvious question is why plunk down $250 for a cheap Rogue knockoff of a "kinda sounds like sitar" thing when you can get a real sitar off of ebay for about $250...

Sitar, 109 GBP. ($200 US.)
Hey folks, sorry for jumping the gun a bit there, just seemed quite dodgy to be doing a double redirect through anrdoezrs.net and then the evil qksrv.net who IMHO are on par with Doubleclick for yuk and spyware tracking cookie factor. I thought you'd been duped by the contributor, since other off-site links in the same story didn't use the same redirect, so my apologies to Kaden too for the utter bollocks I spouted.

FWIW, I'd be happy to contribute some actual hard cash (or equivalent value in cocaine and hookers) to this excellent blog of yours that I read almost daily - but I can't see a donate link. Do you have one? Or a Paypal account? I'm serious - I actually do give money to websites that I value and use regularly, because to me that's a far preferable option to ads and other sneaky net-junk, especially stuff that allows swarms of marketroid gimps to track my every move - no thanks!

But yeah, the reason I jumped on this one with the subtlety of a hand grenade was because I thought you'd been duped into posting someone else's affiliate links. So err... duh to me for not realising it was for your own benefit, and sorry for the misunderstanding again!

I'll go and fetch myself a big piece of humble pie.
Did no-one explore the Phil Lynott site? If you look under the D.A.M.N. Machine link, you can download a part of of the script for this er, film...v funny! Is it serious?
"The obvious question is why plunk down $250 for a cheap Rogue knockoff of a "kinda sounds like sitar" thing when you can get a real sitar off of ebay for about $250..."

The obvious answer is the same as the obvious question of why one would plunk down $250 for a "kinda of sounds like guitar" electric guitar when you can get a real acoustic guitar off of ebay for about $250. Obviously!
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