Superscope PSD340 - Less useful than it looks

It looks pretty hot, like the runty offspring of this, and the Superscope PSD340 has interesting spec - it's a CD recorder, with a second built-in CD player, XLR mic inputs, phantom power, pitch shift etc. Only a couple of problems: It doesn't seem to work on batteries, and it costs $999. (via Red Ferret. Thanks, Mikey)

My High School bought one of these to record different choir and band concerts. It's not the greatest, but it sure is idiot proof. I don't believe there was a compressor on it :/

That said, some of the freshmen that were going to be operating it for a concert managed to switch the left and right XLRs from a Audio-Technica stereo mic.
I'm looking for a CD recorder, that also has pitch and tempo and start/stop controls that I can use from across the room. I've been thinking of buying the PSD340, but it's so pricey. Any comments or suggestions of better alternatives.
IF YOU THINK THATS PRICY YOU SHOULD BE IN New Zealand they are on the market here at $2200.00
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