Sonopak stealth recording bum bag

Greg writes to tell me about the Sonopak: "I checked this out at the AES convention. It's a pair of electret condensers hidden in a leather fannypack[That's a bum bag, English readers]. Okay, it's mighty lame looking, (who's going to a concert wearing a leather fannypack and expecting that they might get laid?) but it seems to work nicely from the demos I heard and no cables to tangle with." It's $89. There are various recordings on the site. The 'Mozart Mass in C min', apparently recorded with the Sonopak dangling from the railings of the choir loft, is incredible.

very cool. presumably this also works best if you do not have a midget super fan screamer near your "bum" lousing up the bootleg...
we always used to put the device (usually md) in our pocket and run the mics up our shirt and clip it on some sort of necklace. the bigger and goofier the better. still didn't help with the getting laid part, but we still got a bootleg of traditional indian music. right? right?
I've dangled my fannypack from the railings many a time.

This is just too unfashionable to be useful, like those nerd-spec glasses with the mic inside them.

what next, mics built into Z.Cavaricci's and string tanks?
fanny packs are just stupid any way. i would much rather carry a man purse.
A Teletubbies lunchbox would be sexier.
I've used SonoPak for almost 2 years and the results are incredible. I know, I know, it seems silly putting mics into a "fannypack" and by the thread of comments it would be fashion suicide to use it. I think SonoPak should go with the slogan: "Getting great recordings is our business, getting laid is up to you" Check out the results at
What about the noise of the zip handles? Don't they jingle? That's the problem I use when I use a bum back.
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