Softcore synth pr0n from Eurythmics

This shot from the awful new Eurythmics video shows two elderly EnglishBritish people standing in front of a sizeable pile of elderly gear - check out the Akai S612 with the 'toast rack' disc drive. (Thanks, Shawn)

Admittedly, I actually thought that it was an earlier picture.

They're elderly, but they look great for their age.

So do the synths, come to think of it.
Not sure whether Annie would be more upset with "elderly" or "English"
I also thought that it was an older picture - these guys look great. I can only imagine that this shot is going to be greenscreened onto footage of even more old synths. :)

I've also got one of those old Akai S612 samplers with the unorthodox disc storage system. I've thought of picking up the AX-60 that it was designed to be used with, but as I already have an AX-80 I haven't been any hurry. Any recommendations?

Also, do any of you have details of the rumored modifications to add more RAM, or where in the hell to get more of those "quickdisk" floppies?
Moog Modular notwithstanding, the keyboard being played is a Polymoog circa 1975...
midimoog, sbf-325...mmm
She's so androgynous. I think she's hot.
What a wonderful voice that lady has...
For a split second there I wished the rack would fall on Dave. He's got way too much kit.

I think I'm jealous.
I'm so happy the Eurythmics are on stage again. I've got a life is gonna be a new classic of them.

It will be a great hit , their new single. Greetings from México.

Eduardo L.
In the effects rack (on end beside the Moog Modular) you can make out a Roland PH-830 dual phaser. Pretty rare piece of gear...
(as a quick follow up to my last post 2 seconds ago)

Just noticed that someone had already identified the PH-830 incorrectly as an SBF-325. It's most assuredly the PH-830 (and it's missing the lfo speed knob).

Brush up folks...jeez :)
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