Shiny new things from AES, day one

So, many of you are probably in NYC, hanging with the geeks, while I'm in London looking at the clouds. Here's what I'm missing at the AES conference:
Presonus Inspire Looking very much like those early mockups of the Apple Asteroid, it's a sub-$200 firewire interface with mic pres, phono input, and plugins from Audio Damage.
BridgeCo FireWire Guitar: It's a crazy looking electric guitar with a FireWire port.
Tascam HD-P2: It's yet another portable hard disk recorder, in the 'beefy looking but expensive' camp.
E-mu PM5 Monitors: Cheered by the success of their audio interfaces, looks like E-mu want to take on M-Audio as a (hyphenated) universal gear manufacturers. They've done controller keyboards, now monitor speakers. Expect them to buy a software house next.
Mackie Onyx 1200F: Big, $2k, 12 analog in, 8 analog out, FireWire interface.
TL-Audio relaunch FAT range: I used to have a FAT2, a big red valve preamp/compressor. Now they're back.
StompIO Foot Controller: Rapidly chasing Guitar Rig, IK Multimedia have launched a pedalboard for their Amplitube software. It doesn't have an expression (wah/volume) pedal, which seems odd.
Alesis MultiMix Firewire Mixers: Black mixers, you say? Interesting.
Software upgrades: Sonar 5, Stylus RMX 1.5, Protools 7.
Keep watching Zicos for an almost unbearable torrent of news from AES.

the firewire guitar looks sweet, but why the hell didn't they put any knobs on it? I mean they give you the possibility to record every string on a separate channel and it probably comes with "on the fly" midi-conversion software, wich all is cool for studio work where no knobs for volume and tone on the guitar are needed but with the looks of that guitar it would be nice to gig with it too wich shure isn't comfortable without any control on the guitar itself, hell even a simple mute switch would be an improvement.
The design of that guitar has been around for about 20 years - it's just got a new box of tricks plugged into it.
The Tascam recorder is under a grand.
Hey Tom -- I miss you here at AES, too. Maybe one of these years you can make it out, or I'll be out a music geek-fest in London. :-)

Of course, on the bright side, you're way ahead of me blogging -- I'll try to replicate the experience for all others living vicariously through the Web.

Oh, and we have lousy weather here. Maybe we're trying to emulate London in your honor.

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