PDA-powered portable recording

Thanks to Kevin for pointing me towards the freaky-looking PD Audio system, which uses Windows CE PDAs with various add-ons to record at up to 24/96 quality onto SD cards. It seems to be a well thought-out system, and the site is useful, with what you really need lists. Unfortunately, it's not cheap. When you include their $549 digital mic preamp (but no mics), the top-of-the-line system costs $1,200+, with their 16/44 budget package at around $750. And of course, if you're on Windows CE, you won't even be able to run Bahji's Loops or Microbe software...

Yeah, I just saw this . . . looks to me to be, well, pretty useless. Unless the audio fidelity is somehow phenomenal (and I'm guessing it's not), I think you're better off with a dedicated portable recorder. There will be more soon.
this thing's been plagued with reliability issues for a while now. yet the whole time, the owner of core sound has lied and said it works perfectly, jsut so he could sell more non-functioning units

i'd stay away
The quality of sound produced by this system is great, but there definitely seem to be "issues" with the company's leadership. Since their card's Linux driver is found in mainline, I think it's a real shame that the business cannot meet their customers' expectations. In my opinion, the technical merit of their product does not justify the poor service that I received. Unless you really need the CF form factor, you will be much happier spending your money with a different vendor.
Well I couldn't agree more of what is written here already- as they say, Buyer Beware- and don't trust the word of Core Sound- refer to these links and just read up on it- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PenComputingAudio/
Or a more independent critique -

Sorry about the word wrap folks- but this post is limited- in any case, you'll get a general consensus as to what works with it and what doesn't. It's actually irrevlent though- for the money, you can get a turnkey device that does what PD-Audio pertends to do- and that is work ;-))))
This is pretty cool.

Come to think of it, these PDAs could be converted into dedicated devices like high end DAC with interface add ons.

Hmm, just imagine a Benchmark Media DAC1 in a PDA....
I thought that was a joke picture when I first saw it. It looks like stuff its just randomly slapped on. Its really quiet an eye-sore.
jesus, what's wrong with you guys? I am using this sytem and it is simply terrific. It is essentially a storage device and together with an outboard preamp provides phenomenal sound and portability.

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