NI Guitar Rig 2: That's how to do it!

Native Instruments have announced Guitar Rig 2, with this great looking controller. Explains why IK Multimedia resorted to rough birds to promote their mingin' purple Amplitube controller.

Dunno man, everything looks kinda weak compared to TCs G-system...
The new Guitar rig looks awesome. As far as it not comparing to G-system, I hope he means looks alone.

G-System does not allow for PC based recording, or applying the patches to computer based tracks. G system does not have a looper, much less an unlimited one that allows for 99 layered tracks. For that matter, G-System has an MSRP of $1,900 compared to Guitar Rig's $579 price tag. Also, turning on G-systems "Distortion" setting isn't quite the same as choosing a Pro-Co Rat or TS-9.

It's schweet, I want it. I will have it.
would it be too much to ask a company to make a neat stripped down and programble foot controller like that that DOESNT work as a audio interface? I am sick of spaceship armada foot controllers when all i need is one expression pedal and 5-6 assignable cc controllers.
yes. i can see how you're sick of it.

life is rough. so rough.

i can mail you some razor blades for you to swallow. they won't have extra audio interfaces, or options you don't need.
Ummm, Prof, why don't you just use the 6 assignable cc controllers and one experession pedal and ignore the audio interface?? Seriously.... How hard is that?

You're the same guy who complains about the extra cigarette lighters they put in cars nowadays.... Aren't you??

FYI, TC seels what you're looking for, Vai uses one. About 2 grand. Personally, I'd be willing to put up with an audio interface I don't need.
The link for "rough birds" is broken, f.y.i.
See the cheesy amplitube video!

She's not rough... Shame about all the guitars and software screenshots getting in the way of the soft porn though.
MIDI Foot Controllers? Well, I could respond like the other reader did and suggest you swallow razor blades, OR . . . you could just go get a Behringer FCB1010:

I know Behringer has a hit-or-miss record on audio gear, but their controllers are quite nice. I use one of these as a keyboardist and love it. Yeah, there are two expression pedals, not one -- I'm sure you'll find something to do with the extra. Feels great, fully programmable, works like a charm.

Of course, the idea of the NI kit is integrating the audio software + audio interface + control surface, which will serve other users really well. And comparing it to the G-System is apples to oranges: this is cheaper and integrates with your computer. Play with them both; see which you prefer.

And as you can see on my site, they work really well with violin, too.
I should just shut up and build one of the ucapps devices huh?

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