Japanese Eighties Hi-Fi Robot Toy

Cementimental writes: "I was randomly looking at very expensive Japanese metal robots on ToyboxDX.com when I found this". It's Compoboy, a 16inch tall toy robot made from the 80s hi-fi essentials: Reel-to-reels, graphic equalizers, vertical record players, smoked glass doors. The reel-to-reels launch rockets. Best of all: "There is also a strange, inexplicable feature that involves shoving little strips of white cardboard into the main component of the toy."

oh, wow... an 80s "ghetto blaster" shaped robot (pronounced like Zoidberg would, please...row-bit), mixed with 50s-70s IBM Mainframe aesthetics. The card reader is classic.

Ok, all you crazy modders out there - who's going to make their reel-to-reel studio look exactly like some giant mainframe computer room, with walls of tape drives spinning back and forth, lights blinking, computations computing...it'd be glorious! you could hide the protools/cubase/sonar/etc. system behind if you want... :)
I hadn't realized how shallow and empty my life had been up until now. It's the realization of all of my dreams in a single all-hifi robot. Who knew it would be so easy?

I'm sure he'd be a friendly dancing robot, but rotten in a battle. Smoked glass cabinet fronts probably don't stand up to heavy fire.

One of the coolest things is that the turntable in the cabinet is an upright turntable modelled after a Mitsubishi that I actually have. Hell, maybe it's time to built a robot of my own!

Are the robots on that site for sale, or just display only? I've got to imagine that Mr.Robo-decks won't come cheap.
Man, just smoked glass is cool.
The "inexplicable feature" is a punchcard reader.
Are the robots on that site for sale, or just display only?
It's basically a review site for hardcore toy otaku... mostly 'Chogokin' and other diecast metal toys, but also plastic ones like this....

They write about a mix of new stuff which can be bought easily (if expensively usually) online etc, and old 70's/80's stuff like this which is probably impossible to find outside Japan bar some intensive ebay-searching??? I saw one on ebay HK starting at like $170?

ToyboxDX is a cool site, tho half the time I have no idea what they're even on about; lots of proper collector jargon! :)
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