How to count BPMs in bulk

MixMeister BPM is a free bulk BPM counter (Windows Only): Point it at a folder of mp3s, and it will churn out a list of BPMs, which is handy for any kind of sampling/remixing stuff. I've only tried it very briefly, and wasn't 100% convinced about the accuracy. Anyone else had any luck with it? (via Worship The Glitch)

Now you can do this all very accurately in Ableton Live -- BPM calculation, automatic warping of long files, and of course you have an environment in which you can remix all of that in real-time. Not free, but since you need a mash-up tool / remix tool (not to mention, while the save is disabled in the demo, it's otherwise unlimited . . . )
Yup but this one's for free Ableton Live isn't. But i doubt that it's 100% accurate :( gonna give it a try
Not only is this thing not accurate, it's not even close. According to their calculations, Guided By Voices' blistering punk tune "Unleashed! The Large Hearted Boy" has one of the lowest BPM while the mid-tempo poppy diddy "Higher Grounds" by Cats on Fire has one of the highest BPM. I'm calling bullspit on this one. It doesn't work.
I'm sure it uses some low-level technology to do this. I just assumed that any silence at the beginning or end of the song could throw it off.

It reminds me a bit like the Recycle program for chopping up drum loops. Before you can export the chopped-up file as a soundfont, for example, you have to specify the number of measures. It won't affect the output file, but choosing the wrong number of measures can double or x1.5 the correct bpm.

Of course, Recycle doesn't do "bulk bpms," so if you need to know the bpms of that many songs so badly, by all means...waste your precious time.
Do your sequencers not have "tap tempo" functions?

Chances are the ultra slow or ultrafast BPM results you're getting are just multiples.
it's definitely not perfect. but, if you want your itunes mp3 collection to have bpm, it's not a bad way to tag tens of thousands of songs.

are their any other options out there for bulk calculation?
For 4x4 electronic music, it's DEAD on. For breaks and D&B it's about 75-85% right most times. However for IDM, non-quantized music in general, or music that has ANY tempo changes in the track, it's way off.

So for people who DJ more mainstream dance, pop, or hip-hop it's a godsend. For everyone else, a simple tap BPM counter works better.

It's worked nicely for my house/downtempo/breaks/techno collection. It's off now and again.

Sure beats trying to bpm 40 gigs of mp3s that I use in Serato.
Second that, mixmeister + serato is a very nice combo. I've had good results with it (though all the music I mix is 4/4 and no tempo change) -- sometimes drum and bass will be rated at half the real tempo but I've got things sorted by genre so its usually easy to tell what the real bpm should be.

Some would call it cheating but its so convenient and fun, and allows me to do better track selection when I don't have to think about bpm.
I'd love to post a competition as to who could find the track with the highest BPM.

It has to be commercially available, and has to maintain a peak BPM for at least half of the duration of the track. - so a drum roll cannot be counted as the peak BPM.

In my opinion, the highest BPM I have ever heard is in the IDM Genre - Venetian Snares Iamafuckingidiot.

Available commercially at
If you are using a Mac and cannot use Mixmeister, you might also want to try beaTunes for bulk BPM tagging.

And yes, I am affiliated with beaTunes.
yup, the free mixmeister bpm calculator is not very accurate. I'd say it's about 75% accurate at best.
It is actually very acurate
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