Griffin iMic2. Can anyone see a problem? (Update)

"iMic allows you to connect virtually any microphone or sound input device to your iBook, PowerBook, PowerMac or other Mac or PC systems with a USB port." Hmm... Apart from, say, any microphone or sound input device you might possibly want to use (i.e. one that doesn't end in a 1/8th inch plug, or one that needs phantom power). The website goes on to say the iMic is "the perfect solution for almost any audio need, including... Reason" That might be Propellerhead Reason, the music software well known for not recording or processing any form of external audio? Pffffffftt!
Sorry. Long day. (via Synthtopia)
UPDATE: Jason from Griffin writes: "I'm the guy that wrote about compatibility with Reason. D'oh! Nice catch there, and I feel pretty damn dumb, and about all I can say is... it takes a big person to admit he's wrong."

"USB isolates the audio signal from the noisy electronics in your computer, giving you higher quality sound when you record, and higher quality sound output for external speakers."

That is the most farsical thing I have ever read. The "Noisy electronics" won't matter unless you try to record inside the computer case. And USB wouldn't fix that.

(Actually, it will need to compress the audio to be USB 1.1 compliant... Resulting in far worse sound quality that just using the "line in" on your soundcard.)

Frankly, if this isn't false advertising, I don't know what is... And shouldn't it be firewire to please the mac zealots??

"Hello, I'm from Griffin Inc. and I think you're a total moron."
weak... just like iMic1. I have a prediction for iMic3.... a piece of paper to stick on the USB port with an arrow pointing to the mini-jack line-in. That sounds economical to me. Ha.
"I have a prediction for iMic3.... a piece of paper to stick on the USB port with an arrow pointing to the mini-jack line-in."

Is there a photoshop genius who could mock up the iMic3 for me? Email me the link and I'll post it up.
These should come with iBooks.
Guy above has a point - this just adds a mic socket to iBooks - it's not intended to be pro, even if the guy writing it up put Reason as compatible software - he's just talking out of his ass.
I'm not a huge iMic fan (1 or 2), but the first comment is dead wrong on several points.

Internal audio electronics sure WILL pick up noise -- electrical interference. The line in and headphone out jacks on most computers are typically sub-standard.

And compress audio to be USB 1.1 compliant? Uh, no. For a stereo stream, not only do you not have to "compress" audio, but you can run well beyond 44.1/16-bit. (plenty of 24-bit, 96k devices, for instance.)

No false advertising here -- it's just geared at consumer users. Go get a decent audio interface from PreSonus, M-Audio, Digi, Edirol, MOTU, Lexicon, etc., etc., and you'll be plenty happy. Joe Mac User doesn't need something that serious to digitize a few records off a turntable on a Mac that lacks a line in. For that person, iMic is a godsend.

I think it's a fine product, for 40 bucks. Good to have inside your backpack for on-the-fly situations. I wouldn't use it in my main studio, but for 40 bucks, who would expect it to be a great performer.
of course not ideal, but many have used MD recorders with the same connection with some Giant Squid Mics (or similar) It's a compromise, but for portability not a bad one. Anyone that's going to use an AD convertor that is that cheap shouldn't notice any quality loss from the jack.
"Internal audio electronics sure WILL pick up noise -- electrical interference. The line in and headphone out jacks on most computers are typically sub-standard."

The quietest sound cards you can buy (Lynx) have all their analog electronics inside the computer, and without any extra shielding on the pci card.
Computer power rails are also much stiffer than the little wall warts most external boxes use.
It's pure bad design and cost cutting that makes most internal audio interfaces so noisy.
laugh it up, but im getting one. this ibook is a pain in the arse with no input.
the iMic is *very* much higher quality line in than a powerbook line-in (clock noise all to hell!). the A-to-D and D-to-A (the sensitive part of the operation) is done outside the computer, and not compressed (ie the first poster is an idiot) i've been using one for years when i'm on the road, mostly for monitoring (ie audio out). great deal for $40, as the next step up is ~$200 and a lot bigger. especially if you've only got $40. :)
How can people be expecting high-end A/D for $40? All those people who spent thousands on Apogee units and the like are fools?
high-end? how about "adequate" vs. "sounds like ass" (internal pb i/o)? don't slag off something you don't know anything about and have never tested please - what is wrong with the vitriolic posters here? how does that help you or anyone?

Griffin doesn't market it as high-end...the sum total of their claim (read their web site) is "superior to most computers' built-in audio".

someone who doesn't work for Griffin, owns MOTU and Digi i/o as well as an iMic1, and yet has found the iMic occasionally useful over the years having paid $30 for it.
We're not being vitriolic, we're showing off!
The iMic is Great. The first posts are all shit. I carry this wherever I go. The best part is you dont have to install any software. Just plug it in and look under sound at system
prefrences. Trust the OS my Sons!
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i would just like to add that the "iMic" doesn't have a mic on it.
so can any of you experts tell me if the imic supports digital out? I want to use some digital boston acoustic speakers with my ibook.
now this is funny, my imic seems to be broken and now it functions like a mic.. REALLY!
a bad one however..
i cracked open the case and recorded myself whistling next to it..
i'm not going insane.
its a 40 dollar sound card, which actually does a great job for what it costs. u gain volume (and headroom) over stock pc (and Mac) i/o, and no ground loops. Just speculating based on an advert is foolish, even if the ad is crap. I've used one for several years, and its still ticking, don't need my ebtechs anymore.
Just because the iMic is external to the computer & digital doesn't mean it's not going to pick up noise from the computer.

The issue is the power supplies particularly the switch mode ones found on laptops can inject audible noise into the 5V USB power powering the iMic. Depending on the quality of the electronics in the iMic it actually can then cross over into the digitised recordings or into attached devices. Usually heard the most when amplified rather than just though headphones.

In practice, I've found the iMic does let a little noise through - although not as bad as some devices. A torroidal ring on the iMic cable helps alot. Also some audio isolators help prevent laptop PS noise getting into your sound system or stereo.
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