Ghosts of eBay reward loyal user with $150 TB303

16th October, 1:07pm. A seller called 'jett7470' puts a mint, new-in-box Roland TB303 on eBay, with a 'buy it now' price of $150. It's item #7358601753.
16th October, 1:15pm. A buyer called 'electriceelpie' buys it, saving about $850 on the normal price. His ebay feedback score at the time: 808.
Spooky. (thanks Phoebe)
UPDATE: The Seller Speaks!

i will cry now. lucky bastard.

or maybe the price on these things is finaly dropping?

hmm, looking at the auction, the seller says "you can midi link it" so I'm guessing they're not so cluey on it after all.

thats just WRONG!!!!!
Aaaahhhhh..... so lucky!!
I could kick myself

But I paid $60 for 1992
isnt that just a thing of beauty? anyone care to make a guess how BNIB 303's there are in the world?

Wow, and I thought when I got my tr-606 for $55 off ebay I had found the deal of the century - guess i was mistaken!
auction ran for 7 mins - it's a fraud.
mmmh..somthing not right - auction only ran 8 mins!
Are you folk saying that if *you* had happened across this auction, 7 minutes after it was listed, you wouldn't have wet yourself, passed out, and then hit "buy it now" the moment you regained consciousness?

I think so...
"auction ran for 7 mins - it's a fraud."

No, it's a 'buy it now' button.
doesn't it usually take at least an hour for an auction to be searchable? if not, then it would be entirely possible for someone to find that 7 minutes after it hits. i know when i have sold things, they don't come up in a search for well over an hour. either way, lucky guy. what do they have to gain by scamming this auction anyway?
These things go for upto $2000 - and thats a USED one - this is still in plastic. ...The buyer is a big roland ebay seller - so luck appears not to have anything to do with it unless he's scoping ebay ALL DAY everyday! - hardly went to your ordinary joe soap!
what are the odds? - 7 min in and the buyer is a roland powerseller!
Could be some sort of deal that went on outside ebay, and they just used ebay as protection to the buyer. so if it wasn't delivered, he would have feedback to fall back on, but that wouldn't explain the write up and pictures and everything. it looks like the seller was just a dumbass and didn't look up or know what he actually had and what it went for in completed auctions. hmm, interesting vintage gear case.
And I thought my 300.00 mint sh101 from ebay was a good deal ... that auction looks a bit janky.
it ran for 7 minutes because it had a BUY IT NOW option, retard.
150 bucks? Why didn't he make an auction out of it? He could make much more money. It must be stolen or something.

Or maybe it has a demon living in it that brings bad luck to anyone who uses it.
It just can't be legit man, i mean, please...

"This unit is the best bass player you will ever play with"

No one would say that about a 303 unless they were a Nigerian 419 or somethin.
I vote for the demon guess.
""This unit is the best bass player you will ever play with"

No one would say that about a 303 unless they were a Nigerian 419 or somethin."

...or unless they were reading an old ad for the 303, or the back of the box, since that's what roland advertised it as.

stuff the haters, here's what happened: some guy found this 25 year old piece of junk sitting in the back of his closet that he had never heard of; didn't bother doing any research on it; and listed it on ebay with a buy it now price of about half of the list price, since it's probably depreciated in value after 25 years, right? another guy, who happens to be a huge roland enthusiast, happened to be browsing through auctions for x0x boxes (as he probably does quite frequently), came across it, and seized the opportunity. i think it's entirely plausible.
yeah, I think you're right.

but still. it's mighty hard not to kick oneself about it. cheers to the guy who snatched it up, I wish I would've been paying more attention to eBay during those 8 minutes.
Well, okay, nobody's who's ever actually used a 303 would ever say "This unit is the best bass player you will ever play with", and apparently he hadn't.

It does look posh in its litte wrapper.

what a P.O.S.

Sorry! Tourettes and all.
Just a quick comment on what someone said earlier about the time it takes for an ebay lising to be searchable. yes, it does take an hour or so for a listing to appear in searches.
...IF you put your auction up an hour before the next listings update. its all about timing. list an ad two minutes before the next update to search engines and it'll start showing in 2 mins. ;)

one more thing i bump into this page occasionally when looking up 303 stuff online. I hate to look at it.
its just depressingg...


(and cheers to music thing for not making have to register an account and all that annoying crap just to make post :)
i dont mean search engine-S-, i mean ebays search engine database ;)
Just an FYI for non-ebay users: the buyer didn't necessarily have to troll ebay all day long for Roland gear; you can set up automatic email notifications when items matching specific search terms are listed.
I was there!! I had just missed the auction by a few minutes!!!
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