Formula One engine plays 'We are the Champions'

Renault have tuned one of their Formula One engines to sing: "making an engine “sing” is a fairly simple matter of finding the engine rpm that generates an exhaust sound of the right frequency for each musical note. The engine management system of the dyno is then programmed to manage engine rpm and duration to 'sing the song.'" There's a sound sample at Autoblog. (Thanks Jason Theremin)

and it's got portamento already built in ;)
how many of you saw the last episode in the latest series of top gear?

they sampled numerous cars revving up and played them at recorded speed to make the top gear theme tune!

as remarked on em411, 'thats the most IDM thing ive ever seen'!
This reminds me of this:
...where an HP scanner uses its motor to make music if you press the right buttons.
the way it flips through intervals it sounds like there is no flywheel mass on the thing at all.
You are right - Formula cars don't have flywheels.
Not only formula cars, the McLaren F1 Supercar uses a 12 cylinder BMW egnine without the flywheel. 8 cylinders are actually enough to keep an engine running on its own.
This may be the most pointless thing I have seen all week.
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