The Excel spreadsheet synthesizer

Taking geekiness to a whole new level, this page from the University of Vienna contains a spreadsheet in various windows formats which does realtime additive Fourier synthesis with sound output, a waveform and spectrogram. I can't get it working (I'm on a Mac today). Anyone have any luck? Next up, a 303 emulator coded in Powerpoint... (via Bodmas)

Incredible, I am addicted!!!
Thanks. This is amazing and I have just blown an hour or more playing with it. Figuring out how it was done will be a few more hours at least..

A great find.
makes me wish i still had that office job...
Impressive! It's not the content, it's the medium.

It would also, *theoretically*, be good for annoying teh everloving bejeezus out of one's coworkers.
I sadly report that it doesn't work in, as I expected. Looks like a very cool thing though! I'll have to find a computer that has MS Office and try it out!
Isn't this a screenshot taken from a Mac? Is there a Mac version somewhere?
no matter how cool it is, it can't be worth switching from a Mac to a PC
Yes, the screenshot is from the mac I use at work. But no, it doesn't make any sound...
yea, im with sound!!! :( mac cant be great at everything...ill try it on my pc....PINKUS
i remember very clearly playing with a drum machine that someone had written in filemaker! nice one too...
Works for me on Windows XP Pro and Excel 2000. But all my co-workers said it sounded like a stylophone, I think I need to play with those sliders more.
Hello - I've been using this for some years to demonstrate 'fourier synthesis' in physics/maths lessons.

The VBA uses short cuts and Windows specific calls so won't work on Excel for Mac alas.

VBA won't work generally in OpenOffice - but it might be worth seeing if the macro language in OpenOffice can make any connections with the sound sub-system in a platform independed way.....

The Bodmas Bloke
Finally after all this time it's good to see accountancy and techno combine just like we all expected. Maybe this will spawn a new field of music like exelectro?

Anyway got it working on xp but it locks up a bit playing sounds.
Ooh.. can anyone tell me where to find that FileMaker drum machine?
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