eBay of the Day: Bontempi Pop3 Organ

Sure, it probably doesn't sound so great, but it's hard not to love this Bontempi Pop 3 organ. The German ebay page seems to suggest it was designed by Verner Panton, but I haven't been able to corroborate it. It's currently just €22 with a day to go, item #7353602866. ps: Yes, there are lots of shopping-related bits at the moment, because I'm currently selling my Microwave XT, and hunting for a used Nord Modular G2. Please do get in touch if you can help with either...

This just made my day! I had one of those organs as a child!
I wonder what happened to mine...
gonna have to give mom a call and ask, hehe.

MT you rokk! :D
the german text says, it's in a kind of Panton-ish popart design. He also mentions the designer Colombo. This is usual search engine bluff in the design-furniture section (like the "no moog, arp, roland" thing in the synths section).
and, yes, it looks damn cool.
My girlfriend found one of these and got it for my birthday last year. I was chuffed. Unfortunately some cretin had written the notes on the keys in ultra-permanent texta which spoils the looks a bit but it's still cool. It sounds dark and spooky or bright and cheesy. The blue and orange things on the top are awesome paddle switches which give you brightness and vibrato control. The chord buttons are great for jamming on and the case also functions as a stand (for short people) when tipped upright.
That Nord G2 is a beaut, you will not be sorry. Very sturdy and wild. Good luck finding one used!
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