Behringer's $99 firewire interface

Behringer just announced a new firewire interface. $99, metal box, tiny, looks quite nice, 1/4 inch line-level stereo ins and outs, no preamps, headphone socket with volume knob, 24/96 recording, comes with freebie version of Ableton Live. Could be useful if you're playing live with a laptop or already have a hardware mixer, perhaps. Half the price of the new Presonus Inspire, but probably less than half the spec. (via GearJunkies)
UPDATE: Here is a list of all Behringer endorsees, including Pete 'Wyoming' Bender, Ankle Music, DJ Jackie Christie, Oomph! and many, many more.

Is there anyone else than me that has had bad experinces with behringer products.

Have they improved over the last years?
I used to own the DDX3216 digital mixer from them - and was actually quite pleased with its performance and capabilities... however I got no respect from prospective clients and collaborators. In fact, many would assume my gear was shit simply because I had one behringer peice in my studio. I had to sell it.

I got a RME Fireface 800 to replace it as my digital I/O. Im much more happy with it - but then again, its not a mixer... and it was still more expensive.
2 firewires, 2 1/4" in, 2 1/4" out on the back.

I keep telling myself that i will never buy another piece of behringer gear... quality is so inconsistent. And i hate that they never have their own ideas, they just rip off other companies' work and sell it super cheap. But most pro studios have at least a few behringer units, and i think Slayer tours with all Behringer in their FOH system. They're like an addiction... you keep telling yourself you won't buy another, but they just keep tempting you......
I have a simple, new rule:

Behringer for control surfaces / MIDI gear = fine.

Behringer for audio gear = stay away.

But without testing this box, it's hard to say. Really, it's not at the "insanely cheap" level of some of their other kit, so it may be fine. I'm underwhelmed -- worth the extra $100 for more I/O on an M-Audio or Focusrite box, even if the sound quality is the same (which I bet it's not).
i wonder how the sound quality could be so different from other firewire interfaces. i mean its still digital. i can understand some of the other behringer stuff because its analog. most of the behringer stuff i have used that has ad/da converters were very good sounding for the low quality/price. i think this is an area where the quality cannot be any worse than the low end already is. maybe there's some limit to the quality of the ad/da conversion that i am unaware of on this low of a level. i would be interested to hear from someone who has had some experiences where the quality was that vastly different from one units converter to another. mainly because i am broke as heck and this is really cheap!
Anonymous that giant sucking sound is you being swept into the UliBehri vortex! Beware!

just kiddin, but seriously someone should coin a term for the psychology of rationalizing the purchase of Behringer occupies such a unique low-point in the gear market. ..

You gotta check out :

They got crazy love for Behringer up in there. There's a funny drawing of another new Behri product up there now.
Not having used more than one piece of Behringer equipment in my life, I'm not sure exactly what the beef is with their products. I'm going to buy one of these off eBay because I have read what seemed to be honest trustworthy reviews, that made note of where exactly it is weak.

The piece of Behringer equipment I have at the moment is a MX602A mixer. I have had it for 4 or 5 years. Only recently did I start pressing the "2TK to CTRL Room" button instead of "2TK to Mix". It is picking up an AM radio station at 1700 kHz. This radio station, last I checked, did not have an FCC license. It is quite possible it's running excessive power output, so the whole Part 15 electronics (must accept interference but not cause any) thing comes into effect.

I'm crossing my fingers on the FCA202... it will connect to my B mixer, and my Mac Mini.

I had a test done of noise floor level on the iMic... it was unacceptable. So really, the FCA202 is an acceptably priced unit, along with the Edirol UA-1EX which is in the same price range (~$75-80), then you have M-audio's stuff at over $100, and that's all there is for the prosumer level of firewire audio interfaces.
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