Back by Popular Demand: Bhajis Loops & Chocopoolp

Every week or two, I get an email from someone saying: 'You should post about Bhaji's Loops for Palm PDAs, it's awesome'. I mentioned it in an Engadget column a while back, but it's probably worth another go. It's a bit like Reason for your PDA - sample playback, virtual instruments, effects, wavetable synthesis, and a special mode for live performance. Reader Carl has composed 8 mini-albums with it. It works on a Zire 31 (about £50 on eBay) or any other recent Palm handheld, and the full version only costs $26.99. (Thanks to Kevin, Anonymous, ACB, and everyone else)

is there /was there a previous version for Palm OS 4? I have an old Clie just itching to groove...

Also, are there any other comparable Palm apps?

Tom, check out Phoenix studio for Pocket PC, it's excellent.

My giddy school boy post when i first found it
Does anybody knows if there are programs like this for Windows CE?

I have a unit that is looking to porta groove.
Hey reader Carl, there's some great tunes in there. really inspiring. I am definately going to have to pick up a Zire on the bay. But the 71 or 72? 72 has twice the cpu. decisions!
it looks like Carl sports the clie tj35. They go for about the same as a zire 71, but with a little more processing power. Too bad memory sticks suck.
I picked up Phoenix Studio yesterday after following 'funnelbc's link. Pretty damn cool. Like having a nice rebirth clone in your pocket.

I'm running it on a HTC Universal phone and Windows Mobile 5. Seems pretty stable (but then Windows Mobile 5 is only about 60% stable) and for god's sake - I'm programming beats on my PHONE!

I mailed the author to see if there were going to be any future updates but he sounds like he has too much going on right now.

There's enough there to be getting on with - and I bearly remember the trip to work this morning.

Got a Pocket PC? Go get it.
Thanks :)
I'd go for as much cpu power as possible. My clie has 200mhz power, and i've pretty much pushed it to the max with my tracks in 22000khz mode with the filter disabled. It's a truly slick program and has been getting me smoothly through my breaks at work for almost a year now :)

As far as Pocket PC there is also a program called 'Griff' ( but since I don't own a ppc I haven't tried it out, looks pretty promising though.
after looking over it a bit, the zire 72 is a pretty good buy as long as you don't need wifi. 312mhz processor is great for the price of around $150.
Just bought a Palm Tungsten T3 and a T2 specifically to run Bhajis Loops (and its little brother, Microbe, on the T2). USD$260 for the pair - not bad! Can't wait for them to arrive so I can get started with this stuff!
That's definately a good buy. The big screen (which it sounds like Bhajis supports well) and fast processor(400) make the T3 a good choice. I think I will have to look into those. I am sure the T2 will handle Microbe well enough. Are you planning to use them at the same time?
The lack of wifi sort of drives the price down, which is good as long as you don't need it. It would be good to have, but it's all about Bhajis, it looks so cool.
Yeah, I hope to try and run both of them at once through a mixer in a live context. Once I've played with the software a bit more I might try and convince the author to implement bluetooth tempo sync'ing.
Really liked your blog, especially the Palm / handheld related stuff.

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