Ape vs Synth

Ben from Australia sends this lovely picture of a chimp and a modular synth. He knows nothing about it. Anyone know more? (Captions also welcome...)

"Are We Not Men?"
Also, what makes you so sure that the chimp knows nothing about the modular synth? :]
"Chuck me another patch cable - quick!"
Caption: HA HA! I don't own a tube amp!
"Gimme banana plug!"
My father swung through the branches of trees on vines
I swing through oscillators on cables.

same thing, really!
Vangelis 'furious' as Anderson steals his last Mu-Mu.
Tommy Lee should really stick with playing music.
Interesting that you're calling the chimp a "he"

have a closer look!
Oh No! Robin Williams broke into Moroder's house!?
what happened to his moog track suit??
The moog track suit is the funniest damned comment ever.
I dunno, the "banana plug" one's pretty great...

I nominate this as the worst comment ever (heard in Tubby's Kingston studio):

"You're playing in the wrong key, mon!"

that pic is doctored. its pretty apparent...check the shadowing...there is none.
Lead singer of the new retro progressive rock band, Emerson, Ape and Palmer.
actually there is a shadow, its just almost directly behind the damned dirty ape since they used a flash.
I'm sorry, your just not right for outr band, INXS
Amplitude 2 model prior to Photoshop
he should be breaking a bone
"in a break from the X-Factor, Simon Cowell discusses his love of analogue modulars"
wendy before she was walter.... sorry a little cruel
give a thousand chimps a thousand patchcords and 1000 moogs.... still wont sound as awful as Emerson Lake and Palmer on a bad day
there's a new opportunity for the software emulators.... model the effect of patching a VCO to a VCF through a primate... its a whole new challenge...
Chimp + Modular Moog = COMEDY GOLD
or as awful as ELP on a GOOD DAY. HEYO. buy seriously, ELP is really bad, I don't care how big your modular is, or if you have a GX-1, they really fucking blow.
was gonna really slag off ELP... but have live triple album i want to shift... at least one of the discs has never been played since 1976
Do they also do the chimp as a VSTi?
I'm sure he can't program this darn thing much better than I do.

Wasn't it Ministry who used a chicken to configure a mixing table? I'd like to have a chimp programming my synths.

The name of the band? Primate Scream, of course.
I'm voting for the 'gimme banana plug' line by David Kristian. Btw David, your music is great :)
I don't even make tarnce! HA HA!
That's Bubbles!
I wonder if he's recording 'jungle' music
$#@! stupid illustrator! I asked you for a picture of a Moog and an ARP, not a Moog and an ape!
This is possibly from a Ben Folds music video. I have not seen the actual music video, only the making of on the Songs For Silverman bonus DVD.

The music video featured William Shatner and a chimp in a recording studio, with Ben Folds and his 2 cronies playing.
He's the only remaining member of chimp bizkit. All his loser band mates left him to form a nu-metal band.
mtv news: "and here we are, live at the recording session for michael jacksons new album!"
Anonymous said...

Interesting that you're calling the chimp a "he"

have a closer look!

Don't be so sure... AFAIK, chimp penis=very small.
I tried so hard to post this pic so you could see it…
"Radiohead payed their sound designer peanuts"

Or (for the regulars)

Ok I see Dave Stewart and the modular but where is Annie Lennox and the Akai S612?


When Quincey Jones suggested "the sound of bubbles on a modular synth" for a track on Thriller, Michael Jackson was happy to oblige.
if i can work with a modular, shure a chimp can do to.
I don't know why everyone hates Bush so much, first I see him playing guitar, and now dancing in front of a synth! That Bushie guy is way hipper than I ever thought!
i think its really one of the pics from the moroder page......he just doesnt have his glasses on
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Now we know how Lee Perry got those wicked sounds on "Return of the Super Ape".
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