8-Bit musicians end up in jail

"While putting up flyers for the International Chiptune Resistance show at The Tank this coming Saturday, Nullsleep and Bit Shifter were approached by two plainclothes police officers, arrested, handcuffed, informed that "a cleaner New York is a safer New York," and taken to the NYPD 9th Precinct police station for processing and a nice stay in the NYPD's luxurious high-security accommodations. Stripped of belts and shoelaces (to prevent suicide by hanging), the police missed Bit Shifter's camera/web-phone, allowing exploitation of some irresistible photo-op moments, as well as an unique opportunity to set Bit Shifter's AIM away message to 'I'm in jail'." Shocking jail pictures here (via FFWD)

is this what it's come to? tossed in the clink for flyering? or aren't they telling us something?
New york is not what it used to be.
Once upon a time,one could get prostitutes on every corner, and a mugging on every other one. Ahh, those halcyon days of milk and honey.

I wish I was in jail....
;| wtf is this
uh, yeah, never forget your "OMGLOLWTFBBQ! PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ME!" sense of humor when you go to jail
the pics from the next day when they were transfered to riker's are slightly less jovial
Nullsleep and I were surprised today to see that our misadventure had hit a few blogs. It's worth mentioning in response to the comments above that when we were approached, we cooperated fully. The cops, I almost hate to say, were polite and attentive, and verging on apologetic, as if the arrest was as ridiculous to them as it was to us. I think that our being put in a holding cell was probably just standard procedure while they processed us; they kept stopping by to update us, promising that we'd be out soon and whatnot. In any event, I have a feeling it was just a slow night in Precinct 9. And for two do-gooders like us, the experience of being behind bars, even for just a few hours, was so novel that it was hard to resist the idea of capitalizing on the rare chance for the requisite "brooding inmate" and "tough guy" shots, so we documented the experience mostly for ourselves and to substantiate the funny story we knew we'd have for our friends. Anyway, we've learned our lesson, and we have each voluntarily checked into Flyering Rehab.
but why were you arrested? certainly not for flyering. tresspassing perhaps, vandalizing?
It was just for flyering. I forget what the exact charge is, but essentially taping posters to lampposts constitutes unlawful defacement of public property. We knew it was technically illegal, but, you know, so is jaywalking, and this seemed similiarly inconsequential. The crowning irony is that the arrest took place on St. Marks Place in Manhattan, which, if you've ever been there, you'll know is basically THE place people go to put up show flyers. So we thought if there were any safe zone in Manhattan, this was it. No such luck.
They missed finding a CAMERA PHONE?!
Wow, they must've been really tired or something. I had to smuggle mine in my ass.
good thing yall were white bread muther fuckas
wish nullsleep well...looks like a good nyc time....im sure well cross paths again...hopefully wont be in jail next time we do.............
polite and attentive? you should meet some uk police, hired thugs, spawn of the devil.
As an NYC denizen, and friend to dozens of performers, this seems to be both par for the course, and totally bizarre. It _is_ illegal, but so is jaywalking. I'm really curious as to why they brought you in, their day would have been easier if they'd chosen to ignore you, huh?
Well, maybe NYC is so safe and free of crime now that police officers must keep their jobs by arresting innocent people who paste paper in cement lampposts.

I can imagine them having coffee and saying something about the good old times, when there was rape and drugs.

Sup criminals ...

Why ain't you guys mentioning the concealed gameboys? You were packin' and you know it.


- Vlad (from Joystiq)
As a NYC musician who has been approached by plain clothed officers and not stuck around to see what they had to say because I know fellow musicians who had wound up in "the tombs." I can say this is standard. I have always taken off when anyone comes any where near me while postering. AND I never poster on a weekend because if you get pinched they will leave you in there till monday morning and as fun as the 8-bit story is. Stories about spending the weekend in "holding" are often more grim.
Hah hah guys this is totally hilarious! Big up for the ex cons!! Aku
jail for flyers ???

oh .. it's america

I live in Berlin and it's a LOT different... you'll find 5 inches thick of flyers posted...
If only you knew how my day was going. I was searching for one thing and I ended up here. Now you see how that might affect me!
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