Yes, that dude is totally drumming on cheese

So, I totally missed this... In June, MOCCA, the art gallery in Toronto, had an exhibition called 'Demons Stole My Soul; Rock'n'Roll Drums in Contemporary Art'. Anyway, one of the highlights must have been Dutch jazz drummer Han Bennink playing a drumkit made almost entirely of cheese. Fortunately, this Flickr set captured the moment for posterity. (Thanks, Circuit Master)
More music and food HERE!

What a Johannes-come-lately...
Back in the early days of Midi, a guy named Reek Havoc was the darling of NAMM shows with his celebrated 'Midi Fruit' percussion extravaganza. Racy devil that he was, Reek stuffed peizo triggers into various sized melons, and triggered whatever manufacturer he was endorsing at the time's hot new drum machine in a scintillating mashup of virtuoso drumming and borsch-belt vaudeville. He kept that sctick on the road for about 3 years before folks thankfully lost interest

Sound samples! I need sound somples!
ja. samples pls!
Yeah, but Havoc was not using the natural acoustic properties of his technomelons--a wheel of cheese makes a really satisfying sonorous thump when struck.
theres a norwegian band called Ost og Kjeks (Cheese and Crackers) who play all their musice entirely guessed it, cheese and crackers. watching them live is quite an experience - crumbs are flying!
Great post thanks
what a crazy duchdude .
This guy is most definitely NOT drumming on cheese... :)
Ha! That's my mate Squiddy! I've got some comments on that site :)
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he is an extremely talented and visionary drummer, there is a nicely done film/documentary about him.

these guys come to my improv classes to play with us, peter brotzmann etc.
Bennink is a force of nature. if anybody can make cheese sound good it's him. unless it's that spray - cheese you get in the u.s. huuuuuurrgh.
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Cool. He could jam with us on the Lemonica and the Vegephone.
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