Where are people reading MT, right now?

Click here to find out - it's the last 100 visitors plotted on a (rather slow) world map. If you're one of the outlying dots, why not introduce yourself in the comments?

hey! I'm the white dot right next to Italy :)
hey! I'm the white dot right next to Italy :)
yep, thats me, in Berlin.

I'm the dot in sweden!

/Thomas Svedin
mine is wrong. i'm not in south orange.
hello from tokyo, japan
I'm the dot in Texas...

I'm the white spec in Sydney Australia, but my stat's moreso match the green spec in the centre of Australia, but i'm not in the centre of the outback to the best of my knowledge, but who knows
hi there, from buenos aires, argentina.
you guys should register so there arent so many anonymous

unless you like to hide or whatever
BTW im in NC, USA
I'm the green dot up in Sweden...mwahaha!!! /Arvid Rudling
im the NYC dot!
Melbourne, Australia... IP address is correct! Must be me!

im the blot on scotland
i'm the swiss dot. :)
I'm the dot in South Korea
Cologne, Germany.
Hey there, looks like I'm one of many dots in the PNW, thats Pacific NorthWest, Southern Oregon, USA, to be exact. Looks like a lot of PNW folks here
weeeee!!! I'm the brisbane, Australia dot!
Yep, I'm the solitary dot over in Perth, Western Australia - it's a long way to anywhere even remotely interesting from here.
Warsaw, Poland |m|
im on the edge of europe, skopje in macedonia.
Look Its Me! Im the green dot, which says birmingham because thats where our broadband server is but im reall in Cardiff :P

Visitor's Time Sep 11 2005 12:40:22 pm
Visit Number 807,429
Nottingham UK... w00t!
chicago love. g. hi!
That was me, in Barcelona...
Red Dot., CT...the one with all the keyboards.

Pretty neat gadget!
Howdy Dammit!
I read Music Thing from San Antonio, Texas.

Good site!
Gothenburg, Sweden
Im the dot in Chritchurch, New Zealand which I must add is not part of the continent of Australia as the map says it is.... :)
I'm the most south in Sweden.
In Malmö to be precise.

Hi to the MT staff
I'am from Paris (proxad.net) Big brother is watching me ??
i'm the lone dot from south east asia.
greetings from kuala lumpur, malaysia.
time for breakfast here in Sydney Australia.
But for some reason I'm on the net looking at gear?
hey, the green dot in dallas is me!! i've always felt that way, too...
Hello. Peabo here. The dot on the most easterly point of australia. Byron Bay. Cheers from the edge of the world.
Hello. Peabo here. The dot on the most easterly point of australia. Byron Bay. Cheers from the edge of the world.
I'm the (current) green dot in Orlando. Why it says Winter Springs is beyond me...

Great site - worth being tracked. ; )
I'm the dot in Auckland, New Zealand, and back up my fellow NZer's comments re: Australia :D Keep up the good work, I really enjoy reading this site! Cheers, R.
Cheers from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - keep up the good work!
Im the lone dot in minnesota.

Its close, but not 100%.

Kinda wierd tho, im about a 3 hour drive from whoever is in Regina, Canada. Im also about 3 hours from the person in Iowa.

santiago, chile. :S
This is from Osama's laptop.

San Diego, California, USA...musical home of Blink 182, Jewel, Jason Mraz, Tristan Prettyman, Rocket From the Crypt, Nickel Creek, Unwritten Law and many more. Peace.
San Diego, California, USA...musical home of Blink 182, Jewel, Jason Mraz, Tristan Prettyman, Rocket From the Crypt, Nickel Creek, Unwritten Law and many more. Peace.
Helsinki reporting. The uppermost dot next to Oslo.
hey there
Maastricht, The Netherlands, calling in.
I'm the one in the middle of Finland though the picture is a bit inaccurate. Probably should register someday after visiting your site for a year or so.
Hi Tom - it's good to talk!

I'm in Cambridge UK but will appear as a dot in Holland :S I have satellite broadband and despite being in the UK the physical presence is Holland!

Chris Strellis
You can check out some of my tunes here.

Almost the farthest,
Way down at the bottom right, a little green dot in Victoria Australia (actually Frankston East) is me. I guess it will turn white soon, but it's great to be noticed.
I'm the dot from rotterdam, netherlands, daily reader, props!
My name's Andy, and I'm the green dot in Hollywood.

I love this site for the comprehensive discussion on people like Moroder, Moog, Prince, etc. I love gear but I can't make music to save my life. If I could afford it, I would just decorate my house with keyboards and synths. I am a laptop DJ, though.
Thanx for your site,
it kicks ass
I regularly repost some of your good and curious news on the french audio forum (www.soundkonfusion.net)

(I try to give you credit some times )

long live mt !
Clarksville, Tennessee - a dot a few miles from Nashville.
The dot was red when I looked at the map so I clicked:
Domain Name : cc.nc.us
State : North Carolina
City : Burnsville
Lat/Long : 35.8357, -82.2682
Definitely me. I visit everyday first thing in the morning from work.
a big shout from dallas. yep.
Hello from Miami, Florida USA :)
Hey, there I am in Toronto, Canada. And I bet dollars to donuts that's my friend Dave Sampson in Peterborough, Ontario
I'm out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Awesome site. I spent waaay too much time digging through your archives!! Great stuff.

Probably the green dot (by now a white dot) in the northeastern US. Pretty slick.
I'm the corn-bread fuck right in the middle of the U.S.
I love MT!
Well, you're well represented in Texas! But no Dots in Japan? I'm shocked, you should do great there. Time to get an email referral campaign going! Mission for everyone- Put more dots on the map!
hi all from the green dot in Siena, Italy
Atlanta Georgia represent. yee-haw y'all!
I'm the dot in Akershus, Norway!
Midtown Manhattan in the hiz
bagpiper in Vermont
Seattle WA here. Came for the Creepy Xylophone Girl stayed for 'Apache'

I send folks here all the time. thanks for keeping me abrest of thins musical.
yeah, apache was the shit, yo.
I'm the dot in singapore. when i'm not chewing gum and cutting my hair, i'm checking musicthing. faves are the moroder stories and the wacky diy stuff.

You should do a piece on keyboard players who wear capes. capes are so sexy!
I am ZE dot in Hawaii! Prolly.
Hi from Bondi Beach Sydney Australia!

Water temp 17C wind chill Brrrrrr!

surf 2-3 ft dead south! NICE !

NOT veryy Music of me i know but Hey its time off from the Reason Refill im Designing
It appears that I'm the sole dot in Taipei, Taiwan.

Daveeth, the Dot in Iceland.
Heh, I'm the dot that say's it's in Dumfries & Galloway, but is in fact the Isle of Man!



BTW, I'm the guy who submitted the musical hamster comment to BoingBoing ;)
Here I am, killing time at the office, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I'm having the dot in New Zealand!!
man, this shit is tired and boring. update with something cooler. peace love and soul!!!!!!!
Half Moon Bay, California

Thanks for the link, I've added this counter to my site!
Hi! I'm the dot from Sicilia, in Italy, but i'm not from Sicilia, i'm from Piemonte! :-)
Howdy from University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada :)
i'm that lonely red dot up north..

Kristian, Norway
miami, florida
Hi from Adelaide, Australia.
that's me just west of paris. lavachequilit.typepad.com
No, I am the dot in Hawaii! Middle of the Pacific, yo.
I'm the dot in Brazil, the only one in the South hemispher of the world. Can you get more exotic than that? I doubt it!
Wembley, London UK
I'm the dot in india. It got the city wrong though.
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