When did valves suddenly get so mainstream?

It's one thing Korg and Behringer putting valves/tubes into everything they make (in Korg's case, complete with little orange LEDs to make it look like they're glowing). Now radio manufacturers are putting fake valves into cheap 'nostalgia' radios like this one and this one. If only someone was doing something really cool with them...

"If only someone was doing something really cool with them..."

I dunno, but i thaught metasonix http://www.metasonix.com was doing cool shit with tubes...

and dave wright at http://www.carrionsound.com
ok, I'll grant that those spice bottles with hair rollers in them sort of look like tubes, but I want to know WTF that black thing is. It looks like it came from an enema kit.
how utterly sad

i wonder if 5 1/4 floppy disk drives will make a comeback in 2020
none of these pages even say that those "vacuum tubes" are fake, lol i imagine the poor misled customer showing his audiophile friend his new kick ass tube-radio, complete with transistor-sound and cardboard speaker-sound
I actually own the larger of the two units pictured; bought it at a drug store in Los Angeles while visiting there once. I think it was $10. The tubes even light up! Just like the real thing! I can confirm that the thing sounds like complete shite, even for a cheap AM radio. The tuner is especially bad. It does look kinda cool sitting on my shelf, though. Hard to say whether I wasted my $10 or not.
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