TC Electronics' sexy Scandinavian guitar pedals

I've been admiring TC Electronic's small range of guitar pedals for a while. No idea how they sound, but I'm feeling the Danish minimalist look of the SCF Chorus and VPD1 Boost. They've just announced a big new Vintage Series including a delay, compressor, tremelo and various distortions. They're not quite as chic as the VPD1, but interesting-looking in a black, boxy, knobby way. They probably do sound fantastic, too...

Got one of the original Overdrive pedals (yes im THAT old)
sounded smooth as silk in a very 80's haircut band kind of way.

also own the CHRS/Flange
again sounds smooth but i prefered my old CS2
I wonder how close the VPD sounds to the classic Booster+ Line Driver & Distortion
I had a TCE Chorus/Flanger in the early 80s as well. Used it for sax, acoustic gtr, vocals, synths... everything! It was the cleanest pedal in the kit. Often saw TCE pedals used as insert effects in various studios I'd worked in (Sydney, Aust.). The only problem I encountered was getting it fixed... By 1992 it was broke and the cost to get it fixed exceeded the cost of the pedal! Not being flush at the time, I said bye to a trusted collaborator.
and dead quiet. no noise.
The new TC pedals seem to be the (excellent) T-Rex range repackaged. Both TC and T-Rex are based in Denmark.
I don't know. The whole vintage line looks like they partitioned and packaged sections of the G-Force as if they're boutique. Reminds me of Line-6's ToneCore pedals as they relate to their flagship stompboxes.
It seems more perfect companions
for the loops of their beautiful looking G-System, adding real analog Distortion/Fuzz...FX to the digital multi Fx.
The Vintage delay looks indeed very similar to the T-Rex with that triplet switch ;-), but definitely no packaging of the G-Force's/or G-Majors FX Blocks!

They have now Videos online showcasing each pedal.

I use an old SCF Pedal with my Clavinet and for me it is the lushest Chorus i know of. The signal to noise ratio and building quality is superb. (internal powersupply :-)(yes it is possible BOSS). Onyl downside was the rather high price back then, but given the joy i had sofar over the years, i would always buy it again
the next day it breaks. Still looking for a TC 1210, but they tend to be very rare these days.

I heard once the rumor that there is even a limited Chrome edition of the SCF Pedal with the signature of the Tc founder on it, but never saw one alive.(can anybody confirm this?)

They have now Videos online showcasing the new pedal line.

I wonder how much they will cost??

Always wanted to have a dedicated delay stompbox for instruments on stage, so you could tweak the delay in realtime without having
the Mixers sends and Rack Delays
near while performing and that Vintage delay fucker has even Midi, so one could sync the delaytimes to a Sequencer :-)
I wish more Pedalmakers would add
Midi to their stompers (where it makes sense of course), so they would fit the needs of us keyboard players better. I luved the Philosophy of Alesis's Mod FX line e.g.and would like to see this approach for high quality Fx Stompers too. -Ok, getting a bit of topic- time to stop ;-)- Cheers, Mikkel
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I won the g-system last year in a contest and I paired with a vpd1.
I must say its the best thing i ve ever heard!
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