Shobo Shobo - busking with laptops

This is Shobo Shobo, a French music group on tour in Japan. They're running a gret blog of their tour. Sample post: "WE GOT THE DRUNKEN PEOPLE DANCING. Yesterday evening was party time at Yahiro factory with BBQ and concerts. There was one guy with a triple neck instrument (one doublebass, one sarangi, one chinese two string violin) that he built, MAXed by another guy. Then the other guy made a solo max performance with a strange motion sensor. Then a circuit bent hello kitty violin performance. Then another max concert with a max controled moving table (and we put a hippopotamus sculpture on top to make it more fun). Then the panawave brothers played their best show ever! bouncy evil and noisy music! Then we all got crazy and drunk and the amplifier broke and lets go to bed and oh it's only midnight." (via Audio Mastermind)

their custom sweatshirts are at the height of uglosity
over time the magnet on the woofer in that speaker will suck the bits right off the harddrive :)
how can it even operate with all the bass vibrations of the cabinet? they must not be turned up very loud
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