Report People Selling Crackz on The 'Bay Day!

It's one thing using cracked software, but it's another thing downloading it, burning it onto CD, then selling it on eBay like it's the real thing. That's why today is International Report People Selling Crackz on The 'Bay Day. Finding the perpetrators is easy enough - type in 'Arturia' or 'Cubase' and check out all the £14.99 Buy It Now auctions. Reporting the fraud to eBay is harder (I guess they like getting the commission). You need to go to this page (UK) or this page (US). Click 'Report another problem', then click 'report listing policy violation'/'items that violate copyright'/'Report unauthorized copies of software'/Continue. That takes you to another page, with a 'Contact support: Email' link. Then, finally, you can tap in ten dodgy looking auction numbers and sit back as eBay... does nothing. ps: It's also Remember To Use Your Synths Day.

I wonder... since eBay responds like their ass is on fire if someone asserts that their trademark is being violated (through their VERO program), maybe it would be good to get some of the software makers on board.

if we forwarded a list of auctions to someone at Cubase, and *they* got in touch with eBay, the auctions will probably be pulled a lot faster / more reliably.

- housepig
isnt reporting anyone (no matter what) bad? i believe it is.
people have been selling bootlegs and warez on Ebay for like 10 years
no seriously can get crack on ebay? if only I could find someone that ships to canada
I'm of the same opinion that it's
one thing to use a crack for evaluation (unless you are a professional), but selling cracked audio software on the net just sucks ass.

I mean, what would we (computermsuicians) do without a hostapplication SX these days?

Considering that a programm like SX
just enables me to make my sonic visions reality i don't regret any
buck i payed for my host application. i even think it's worth the double.

if anybody's stupid enough selling warez on ebay, he should be ready to deal with the echo.

Music software isn't expensive for what you get and considering how much free stuff you can get e.g.
on KVR there is honestly no need in having to use cracks, unless you want to punish the manufacturers for spending their passion and livetime making this tools avaialable to us and constantly pushing the borders of music technology.
Yet another reason not to buy warez: Wusikstation for 10 bucks (!). I just snatched it today, not sure when the special promo ends:
Hi, I was just blog surfing and found you! If you are interested, go see my mystery auctions site. It isn't anything special but you may still find

something to entertain you!
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