Rebirth Museum opens: Original 303 clone is now FREE!

Propellerheads have just announced the opening of the Rebirth Museum, dedicated to their 1997 two-303s-and-an-808-and-later-a-909 software, which includes free downloads of everything. It was a the demo version of Rebirth that first got me into making music on a computer (I remember wanting to upgrade my 75mhz 386 486 to a Pentium so I could run it at home), so it will be nice to finally get a full version. I hope they release the source, so it can become the musical equivalent of Doom, running on every platform imaginable. (Thanks Paul) UPDATE: That download seems very slow, doesn't it? I have no idea why Rebirth is a 500mb (yes, that's half a gig) download. I'm not even sure my old PC had that much disk space...

a 75 mhz 386? must've been quite the beast ;)

good move on propellerheads' part, I hope they make it open source so there's a chance for a proper OSX version.
Talking of open source....
There was a great clone of Rebirth for Linux called Reborn. It looked pretty much the same and sounded a bit smoother. Unfortunately the writers got sued and had to stop letting people download it.
I wonder if the proprellerheads would let them distribute it now?
Wow, great news! I'll be downloading to use on my old G3... which I still use for most of my sound stuff... what with Pro Tools free and even good old SoundEdit still doing most of what I need to do recording-wize!
Yeah! Rebirth got me going too! Before that I was cutting up sine waves in SoundEdit with the flapping dog ears cursor. Rebirth was the spark of the revolution.

The funny thing to me is if they had just ported this mofo to OSX and XP years ago, people would have probably paid $100 for it all along. What were they thinking?

Reason is an amazing program, but it only complements Rebirth, and does not replace it. I appreciate the freebie, but a lot of us have probably moved on.
I can only hope someone ports it to the PSP if they open the source - now THAT would make the morning train ride go by a lot faster.
All this is good news.
I just wish I was able to download the thing :(
this is the program that got me started on making electronic music

ive gotta download for some retro action
It seems reeeaaally slow to download at the moment, maybe too popular...
Maybe it's made it to the Soulseek/Limewire networks by now, and you can find a quicker download there?
Ideally they'd use BitTorrent - it's designed for EXACTLY this kind of thing.
I have a feeling though they want you to download from then so you register ( and get your email!). I think under the licence its not allowed to be re-distributed. ooh I found a g3 in a skip the other day good idea, completely free music machine!
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