Rate My Axe

It's got a little way to go, but Rate My Axe could become Hot or Not for guitars. Once they get some more pictures, and maybe borrow Hot or Not's rating system.

That bass definitely gets a 1 in my book. It just screams POSEUR. "pure evil"....lmao.
The funniest thing about that site is that while most of the brands have only 0, 1 or 2 entries, Kramer has 33!
It's definetly got a pointy bias!
not nearly as cool as the late, great "rate my boobies"

thanks alot Bush, you fucking jack ass!!!
I'd award the above bass 10 out of 10, purely for its comedy value.
I guess I'd have the "Pointy Bias" since the majority of the Kramer Guitars on Rate My Axe are mine.

Oh yeah, I'd have to say the bass pictured is awesome! The craftmanship is 100% as I've seen it in person at the NAMM show.
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