The other most tasteless guitar... ever?

Ever wondered what kind of person would actually buy a custom-made gun-shaped bass guitar? Or one based on a high-baroque biblical theme, complete with gold-painted cherubs? A visit to RB Guitar Sculpture will let you know. Be sure to check out the unusual range of gigantic carved guitar stands, one of which is shaped like Santana. What does 'RB' stand for? Roque Batty. You realy couldn't make it up. (Thanks again, Derek)

The worst thing about all of this is realizing that they paid big money for these custom creations. That are still tacky white trash ornaments.

Oh, well, to each his own. At least they didn't make the Guitar look like a naked quadruple amputee. Oh, wait, next post.
let's face it. guitars are just boring unless they look like something. les paul? snooorrreee. how about a guitar shaped like...hmm...this is hard...cookies!
You know, though, you have to admire the ability, if not the subject matter. There's abolutely NO WAY that I could make an instrument that was even half as professional looking as those. In fact, I couldn't even make a wooden framed mirror in shop class not look like it was cut by someone having a seizure.

If I could, though, my guitar would be shaped like a mangy dingo head, complete with patchy fur and whammy-bar-operated jaw. Yeaaahhh!!
I think the work is cool and very artistic. Guns are real and Angels are mystical. If one choose to create art in either form it's fine by me. Better to spend time creating art than actually fighting a war or going to church where priest are evil enough to molest children.
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