The most tasteless guitar... ever?

There's not much more to say. This is the BC Rich Custom Shop Naked Chick. Obviously, Ed Roman has one in stock, POA. (thanks, Derek)

This could only be more tasteless if the output jack were ... moved. BC Rich and Ed Roman were just made for each other, weren't they?
At least someone had the decency to put a bikini on this guitar when they took it to the beach...
"Also Known As The Thalidomide Guitar"


OK, I was just going to make a comment about how this looks like some bizarre quadriplegic fantasy, when I came across this line at Ed (Taylor's suck) Roman's. My goodness, if it wasn't THE MOST tasteless before, this has it in a category all by itself.

So, I feel a warm fuzzy for saying... BC Rich guitars are by far the worst brand of guitar on the market today. Even once you get past the fact that their designs are usually unbalanced heavy-ass junk with bad fret jobs and cheapo pickups, they use lousy deformed wood underneath that cheesy paint job. And Ed Roman is a gold-chain wearin' moron cheeseball "Vito".
I'd just like to have it so I could break it out at faith based band tryouts, or really, trying out for any new band, and acting as if it's a TOTALLY NORMAL guitar to have. "what? what's everyone looking at? C'mon!"
Did you see the picture of the back? Unbeleivable.
> This could only be more tasteless if the output jack were ... moved.

I was thinking more along the lines of a pick dispenser.
now you don't see piano keyboards with the keys shaped like penises do you?
No, they save the penises for the handgrips of their keytars.
i think that that guitar looks bad but plays good and BC RICH'S RULE fuck you to whoever say that they suck its only the warlocks that suck BEASTS RULE
So, this puts it to rest. Some guitarists are really THAT lonely. What is the message here? Hey baby, I'll strangle you with scales and scratch your belly with a plastic pic? I guess my real concern is that some guy bought this. He took it home and thought, "Goddamn I'm cool now. This guitar will get me laid!"
AND! For the record, The vast majority of BC Rich guitars (save for custom shop wonders like the wooden slut here) are poorly constructed, crappy guitars that sell because of their "I'm a metal GAWD" image rather than any aspects of quality. Out of perverse curiosity, I have played them, and I have played Schecters. For the same money, a Schecter is built better, has better pickups, and is less likely to put out your eye while you're trying to throw the guitar behind your back or something else that is METAL GAWD.
ev, ofis, mutfak, & mobilya dekorasyon rehberi
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