More great posts than the Royal Mail

I feel so guilty when people take the time to send me really great stuff and then I forget to post it. So here's a bit of karma-boosting cupboard emptying. There are some absolute treasures on this list, thanks Dave, Michael, Ian, K, Capzloc, Steve, Jason, Erik, RBurns, Mikey, JB, Circuit Master, Formicarium and Schism.
  • Zlad: Awesome video featuring a nun playing a Roland Axis.
  • NYC Soundlab: It's like a gym, for musicians. Pay the monthly fee, and you get to visit and use the studio gear. Tour and interview with the boss here, and Flickr set of pictures here.
  • The Keyboard Museum has a truly awesome collection of demo tapes from classic synths, from the Stylophone to the Fairlight,
  • Electric Shadows: A huge and wonderful collection of 'who played what', including Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, and Plastikman.
  • The Robot Lab: It's huge industrial robots, DJing.
  • Bandai Little Jammer: A tiny little robot band for your living room. Just $359.
  • Ekalimba: Cool electric kalimbas for sale.
  • Seventh Circle Audio sell DIY Neve pre-amp kits for $324.
  • Didj'tizer: It's a VST didgeridoo.
  • Logo Mall: For all your inflatable synth, guitar, microphone and drum needs.
  • Ninjam: Jam over the Internet (from the creator of the Jesusonic CrusFX)
  • The Extreme Synth Weirdness Project: Database of strange noises.
  • My Fascinating Instrument, by Oskar Sala, played entirely on his Mixtur Trautonium.
  • Nico has a Macbeth M5, and this is what it sounds like.
  • Garritan Jazz & Big Band: It's like 'Personal Orchestra' with a beard and a polo neck.
  • SampleRobot: Turns hardware synths into software, automatically.
  • Q-960: Moog sequencer for Dotcom modulars. Make sure you watch this sexy video.
  • More to come!

    what a disappointment - i thought it would be a real nun. :(
    i like their old video MUCH better.. the one here:
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