The Mbox 2 looks sweeeeeeeet!

Now, this is what I want music gear to look like. It's not an Apple knockoff, it's not explicitly retro (although there's a piquant hint of '80s home stereo), it's not shiny silver, and it's got a big-ol' handle in the side. It's the Mbox 2, it makes me want to start using Pro Tools... ($495, specs look fine but unamazing, the software bundle seems impressive). Via Harmony Central. More coverage (and a better photo) at Gear Junkies.
UPDATE: It appears I am mistaken, and that in fact Mbox Suuuuuuuucks. I don't know, as far as I'm concerned, there's no sweeter upgrade than a cosmetic upgrade.

Sweet indeed. Lovin' the handle. Reminds me of these guitars. Yeah! remember when guitar manufacturers just asked famous guitarists to design a signature edition? Not anymore!
Damn, Giger's a great artist, but I would have hoped for more of a redesign than just a lacquered-over sticker :(

The Mbox2 sure does look sweet, though.
ive had an m-box for a long while now and its sooo frustrating! it works but its so bossy as far as what it will and wont work with. pro tools is waaayyyy over rated
Looks nice indeed...
But who wants a USB 1.1 card nowadays ?
24/48 khz max and 10 ms is the best latency you get.
Whose serious musician uses USB soundcard anyway ?
Get an M-audio Pro-tools powered card if you really want Pro Tools (which I agree is way overated)
at a glance it looks like the only non-design difference between the original and this one is MIDI and them not mentioning focusrite when they talk about the preamps. Can't believe they stuck with USB 1.1. Dumb.
pro tools?

more like SLOW TOOLS...take that, industry standard...

uhh yeah I was thinking of getting an mbox though...that software package looks pretty nifty, and you can just mix audio in protools, and have that be peachy
Well, yes, main difference is aesthetics. I'm not so sure about the handle. I like it as a stand, but if there's no way to collapse it, it'll be bulkier than necessary in my bag. Er, if I were getting one of these -- which I won't be.

Differences (confirmed): Added MIDI, beefed up software bundle with lots of goodies. (Both good.)

Differences (unconfirmed): They may not have Focusrite pres in there any more, and I've heard the inserts are gone.

Now, quit the whining about USB 1.1. If you're only bringing in 2 channels at a time, it's fine. Up to about 4 channels, USB makes sense, and it's very reliable.

The big issue I see is that there are plenty of devices with more I/O, and better driver support for apps other than Pro Tools. And if the mic pres are a step down from the previous model (though there's no way of knowing yet), people will be unhappy. But for Pro Tools folks, could be a good choice. I want to see/hear one in person.
resist the urge, Tom...

Pro Tools SUXXXXXXXXXXXXXX... I had to use it for 3 years at the studio where I worked... it is such a peice of shit, especially when you combine it with the wonky Mac-ness

just use Nuendo or Cubase or Logic
Damn, Giger's a great artist, but I would have hoped for more of a redesign than just a lacquered-over sticker :(
Yeah, and it's not even a new design, they've just printed existing works on the things... I wonder if Giger had any input at all other than recieving cash for the rights to use his name + images!?

A proper biomechanical sculpted Giger guitar would be cheesy but amazing.
Kudos for the midi in but WTF, a handle? What is it- the sports model? Does it come with a lanyard too? How is it supposed to sit? Won't it tip to the left when you try to plug in the headphones? The earlyer box dosen't play fair with anything on my desk and in your backpack the stupid foot flanges poke in your back.
Pro tools is great but the hardware is crap, ever see a slightly worn hd console? the silver paint flecks off and it looks like the hood of a sunbleached ford aerostar.
And why partner with m-audio anyways? M-audio is like the Emerson of synths. Argh I need less/more coffeeeeeee....
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