Many colours of noise

Here is a great Wikipedia entry about different coloured noise. Starting with white, obviously, then pink and brown (not to be confused with the brown note of urban myth), then continuing to azure, violet, grey, red, orange, and the semi-mythical black noise. There are even sound clips of the more mainstream colours.

I like the comment about orange noise:

Since all in-tune musical notes are eliminated, the remaining spectrum could be said to consist of sour, citrus, or "orange" notes. "Orange noise is most easily generated by a roomful of primary school students equipped with plastic soprano recorders."
ooo, my Cwejman S1 can make the red noise.

I like the idea of 'Black Noise'... that should be a genre if it isn't already...
If you look at that photo very carefully, concentrate, and let your eyes slowly relax, you'll suddenly see a 3D rendering of a Minimoog!! Only 35% of the population can see it.
I definitely have some examples of "orange noise" here

Actually, some of the tunes are pretty catchy...
Shameless Fratboy! Alternative acoustic music! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
There was a canadian band called FM who put out a great album called Black Noise in the 70's.
ev, ofis, mutfak, & mobilya dekorasyon rehberi
i have a album called

MUSIC 0.06": Color of Noise
1 Brown 01:00
2 Blue 01:00
3 Black 01:00
4 Green 01:00
5 Orange 01:00
6 Purple 01:00
7 Pink 01:00
8 Red 01:00
9 White 01:00
I prefer to always call the "Brownian noise" this way, and never "brown noise"... Unless it's "Brown noise" with a capital, in reference to mr. Brown, who unfortunately had the name of a colour.

It's quite easy to create Brownian noise, and to have white noise over certain frequency ranges, but 1/f, or "pink" noise is a bit more complicated. (it would be funny if someone named Pink ever studied 1/f noise...) It only arises in some special circumstances!...

There is a great Martin Gardner article in SciAm about pink noise that everybody should read. Here is a nice page about the subject:

And one interesting characteristic about true, perfect Brownian noise is that it always hits the dynamical range of your system sometime.
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