Incredible hand-made comic book guitar inlays

Derek writes: "If you'd like your guitar to look like a Neil Gaiman comic book, you should check this guy out. No prices, I'm guessing they aren't cheap. The builder (William Laskin) also built a very surrealist nylon string guitar, seen here."

Hmm, well it may be "high concept" and an "unusual skill" but it just looks cheap to me...
IS that suppossed to be George W Bush dressed as a high schooler?
Personally, I think it's beautiful. It's not like that stuff is just painted on there. Maybe it's easy to tear it down as looking "cheap", but the talent required to do something like that is anything but common, and if nothing else, it isn't more diamond/block/dot/star stuff like you see on every guitar.
That does look like gw, though.
Skill? Yes. Craft? Yes. Content to fit the craft and skill? In my opinion, no.
Neil Gaiman is a comic writer, not an artist.

I believe you're referring to Dave McKean.
I've been following your blog for quite a long time. TopOfThePops!

I was wondering. Do you have family in italy? if you do, i might want to check this out
and this one as well...
<< Anonymous said...

Neil Gaiman is a comic writer, not an artist.

I believe you're referring to Dave McKean.>>

...and McKean's art, as well as many others, appeared in/on books by Neil Gaiman, which is what those inlays reminded me of. Sheesh! I was unaware the comic police were about! Soon, I'll be sentenced to 40 years in a cardboard backed plastic bag in my parent's spare bedroom.
Very clever, yes, but they are hideous. Who'd want that on their guitar?

It's OK if you want to hand the guitar on the wall as a work of art, but for playing purposes it's useless. Distracting even.
looks awful and is 'incredible' only in a 'who would do this to a guitar' sense.
You guys are all wankers -- those look really cool, and were probably fantastically hard to do.

That said, I agree that they render a guitar pretty much unplayable -- either because you don't want to damage the inlay, or because it's just damn impossible to remember which fret you're on.

But would you really buy one of these to *play*?
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