Hans Zimmer on smoking vs sport vs music

Remember Hans Zimmer, the soundtrack composer who said "Never let your wife stop you from buying equipment"? Over on GearSlutz, someone who used to work for him tells about the day he injured his ankle playing basketball. Hans told him: "How many times do I have to tell you people? If you want to succeed in this business, you need to sit in a f-ing chair and smoke!" (ps. that's Hans, spotted in the video for Buggles 'Video Killed the Radio Star' by Audio Mastermind)

Hans is Da man! - Nails it to the point and i would fucking cut my little finger for spending a week
with his Modular Collection.

Actually he teams uo with the Wizzoo guys to do his personal
Orchester Sample Library Just for
himself. .(german keys magazine)Imagine standing in the Roal Albert Hall with the London Philharmonic Orchester at your disposal, sitting with a Blunt in a chair and just tell them: "Now a C 3 please" :-)

Thunps up For Mr. Zimmer.

Electronically yours,

Dr. Muzungu
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It was the London Symphony Orchestra and the original sampling dates were performed by Jeff Rona and others. Several more people massaged these sounds later. Hans didn't have time himself for the LSO gig, but he did pay for the session and uses the samples as guides, later to be replaced with another live orchestra.
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