Guy makes a bass out of a balloon, and plays it

So, Addi Somekh uses two balloons (he says 3, but I can't see where the other one goes) to make a 'Balloon Bass with a three octave range. The round balloon is the resonator, and the 'string' is a long thin 'modelling' balloon, not inflated. Yes, there are recordings and they sound pretty good, although the tuning is a little haphazard. (Thanks, JM)

its how he attaches the skinny balloon to the long one, and how he mics it, that i don't understand.
Addi also is a master balloon twister...please check out
The third balloon is inside the larger resonator balloon. In one of his photos you can see a partially inflated yellow balloon inside the larger clear balloon.
So that would be "Guy makes a bass out of 3 balloons" then.
dag, its only monophonic! ;)
has he no shame?

Stick him in a band with the guy who drums on cheese. Oh, and get that furby involved too, they could probably do with some intelligence in the band.
Balloon as resonator, very cool.

Guess the Bootsy Collins Signature Edition will be out soon.

(Bart Hopkin's (sp?) book on homebrew instruments includes the use of styrofoam coolers as readymade resonators.)

Had an inch wide rubber band strung over an empty copy paper carton. Fun thing to play, record. Gotta find another big damn rubber band soon.

The Ashbory Bass comes to mind, too.
So does anyone know a site that explains how to make one?
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