Great looking studio remote returns

Back in March I mentioned a truly amazing looking studio monitor remote control system, made by Dangerous Music. Today Analog Industries have more details. It comes in stereo ($1,299) and surround ($1,899) versions. The monitor controller sits in your rack, and the remote sits on your desk. As Chris says, it "may seem like a lot for what is essentially a volume knob, but it sure does have a purdy mouth." Of course, the most expensive volume control in history is this, for £56k, although cleverer people than me suggest it does a little bit than just being a volume control.

i really wanted some of the Dangerous Music 2-bus and other analog frontend/backend gear... it sounds KILLER

very expensive tho
Yes, looks amazing at first glance - but don't you think those quavers on the volume knob are a little... country & western? Or possibly dare I say it, even Fisher Price?!
Yes, I was a little bit unsure of those...
That's their logo, an 8th note. I suppose it's okay, in that light.
I bought a cyberlink remote to operate my powerdvd (5.0), and it turns out i can start and stop recordings in Live 4.0 with the thing!, all this for 20$ on ebay.
Heck, with all those different colored lights it must be good - especially if they're LEDs
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