"George Bush doesn't care about black people"

Yeah, well, there's not really a music gear angle*, but you might enjoy this Boing Boing post, which links to video of Kanye West appearing on an NBC telethon, ignoring his teleprompter and talking about the shoot-to-kill policy, the war in Iraq, and going shopping rather than making a donation. Finally, as Mike Meyers struggles on, Kanye stares into camera, pauses, and says "George Bush doesn't care about black people." And one thing rappers are very good at is delivering lines. I think it's a awesome TV moment, and Kanye deserves some kind of medal for stating the bleedin' obvious.
*Got one: This kind of makes up for his Louis Vuitton MPC2000XL.
UPDATE: The inevitable (but well done) bootleg/cover is here.

yeh - that sample is definately going in my archive
why would you want a MPC decorated by a french purse maker?

maybe he should add "George Bush doesn't care about gay people either"
how bout "George Bush doesnt care about poor people, middle class people, people of any color (except oil barrons) or anyone who is not in the top 1% of the republican population.
go kanye! such a reasonable statement!!

can someone please link the michael moore article too? you guys are probably all over that one.

y'all are some pissy motherfuckas.
The earnest desire of stars and musicians to expose their hate and ignorance is stunning.

I guess appointing the first black Secretary of State (the highest position the President can appoint) is not good enough. I guess following with the first female, black Secretary of State is not good enough. Not for those who believe George Shultz was actually black and that Monica Lewinksy was actually the Secretary of State.

Did the black mayor of New Orleans have a plan in place for his city? Did he execute any such plan? Does he also hate black people?

What about the black rapist, looters and murderers? Do they hate black people? I don't recall hearing about the President lurking in the Superdome bathroom.

Despite the fact that we were the last country to end slavery, America's blacks are the richest blacks on Earth. They have more education and more opportunity than 95% of the world, all skin-tones included. Is this good enough for Kanye? No.

There are two kinds of reactions to a disaster. One is to ask, "How can I help?" The other is to ask, "Who can I blame?" A time for blame will come, but this is not the time. This is the time for help. Rage against shadows and phantoms will make the situation worse, not better.

How about just helping someone, Kanye? Did you dip into your bank account and send off a big, fat check to your "brothas and sistas"? I thought not. Did you drive your Hummer down to the Bayou and start looking for trapped people? You didn't?

I read this page for the outstanding gear updates and descriptions. Nothing that happens here is worth this nation-dividing rant by an uneducated, ignorant, deluded multi-millionaire.
Rendwich: If you can't be bothered to download the clip, it's probably not a good idea to comment on it.
Hahaha! That is so funny, Chris Rock's face afterwards! Like he's thinking "dumb mutherfucker can't even string a sentance together" Also I like the bit where Kanye says he is going to ask his manager to decide how much he can donate, classic.
sounds like some people watch to much liberal bias TV.
Chris Rock isn't in that clip.

And people are really confusing hate and "doesn't care", one is anger, one is apathy.
cant blame the robots for being mindless machines

thats just their nature

and their programming has a limited set of parameters - so dont expect too much
The hate/apathy angle is a ridiculous red-herring. Does Bush care about white people? Does it make a difference what color they are? No, of course not. If this had happened in Bangor, Maine, would some idiot have used his TV time to accuse Bush of racism?

It's not the President's plan or fault that a lot of people from New Orleans are black. It might be his fault (in some very supervisory, far-removed sense) that disaster relief hasn't been better. But to call it "racism" is just pathetic, and it sets the fight against actual racism back by decades.

I'm exposed daily to devisive, absurd politics, this used to be one place I could go in safety. Now I have to decide, do I stop coming here or do I just hold my nose and try to skip past the tacit promotion of these remarkably stupid allegations by a flavor-of-the-month moron?
get over it. bush does hate black people.
Bush hates everyone who didn't vote for him.
... and most of those who did.
I liked this place a lot better when you know, it was about music gear, and not politics. Cause, you know, there aren't literally a thousand kabillion other blogs out there talking about Katrina and whose fault it was, how Dubya is the antichrist, blah de blah blah. Stick with what you guys do best. Just my 2 cents. You know?
I agree. This thread spoils an otherwise excellent blog. So let's leave the probably-racist black guy and the probably-racist white guy out of it and find some cool, weird gear on eBay?
well, rendwich, if such a catastrophe hit Bangor and Bush chose to cut cakes and play the git-fiddle, I'm almost positive Tucker Carlson would state that the president hated white people.

Kanye is known for his philanthropic works. He started a non-profit foundation to keep at-risk kids in school, he promotes christian ethics, and the clip WAS taken from a hurricane benefit concert. While Kanye was donating his time volunteering for this concert, he saw that he could speak his mind for five seconds before they could cut his mic. by speaking like he was reading from a teleprompter, he knew he could fool the censors. in those five seconds, he was able to sum up his feelings. maybe it's incorrect, but that doesn't make it any less valid. he didn't have time to say anything bullet-proof, just a feeling. and to the world, the newsfeeds from new orleans make it look like the US doesn't WANT to save poor black people.

but you just tell the world that OUR blacks have it better off than anybody else outside of the US, rendwick. thell them THAT should be good enough. while people are still trapped and dying there. go on, get smarmy and talk about 'brothas and sistas' as they die- let that be your contribution, rendwich.

thank you. now I go back to my shiftwork as a volunteer at the Convention Center here in Houston.
wish I could take you with me, rendwich. wish I could drag you in there by the scruff of your neck wearing a signboard filled with your finest forum quotes.
god don't like ugly, cracker.

Sorry I forgot some basic HTML.
Crikey.. the guy is obviously nervous as hell, so his point is somewhat garbled, but you've got to see what he's getting at. The American mass media is so censored and sanitised that you've got to give him some credit for saying it how he feels it. There are many more issues at work here than just plain old racism, which to my mind is clearly a factor in Bush's slowness.. What about the old panic pricing of petrol that has occured since the disaster? Bush family in business with Esso and BP .. vast profits off a tragedy to plow more money into the military industrial behemoth and the war effort? Bush knows he can rely on the apathetic racism and media manipulation of the American public to get him through this and make a fat profit. The man is satan. This is probably the wrong place to post these opinions, but jesus, as musicians you have to take interest in the social impications of events, whatever you make. /rant
I love this cartoon on the Katrina.
More importantly George Bush does not care about environmental issues which mean that the planet is soon going to be polluted beyond recovery. Black,White,Human,Animal,Plant we're all fucked and this is just the start, a freak storm here, a tornado there, but hey at least we got the oil for our 3litre SUVs. Wake up and smell the coffee, global warming affects everyone - even Bush, although I don't think he gets it. Maybe his grandchildren will thank him someday.
I agree with above comments: Please, no political posts. Get enough of that from everywhere else. Thank you.
At this time, who really cares about this political conversation. Time to shut up and put your money where your mouth is....


complain some other time!
"now I go back to my shiftwork as a volunteer at the Convention Center here in Houston"

Yeah, way to save the world. Good job respecting and keeping an open mind to everyone's opinion. Have fun surfing the internet at the Convention Center in Houston, too.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
No one cares about Black People. The sad truth is they are dumb monkeys. Does anyone wonder why when you see images of New Orleans all you see is black people? Because all the white people are smart and left when they were told to leave. The negroes made their beds, now they need to lie in them.
Rendwich: well said.

Music Thing: As if there isn't enough political Bush-bashing everywhere else... sorry, I know you're just trying to be one of the cool kids - bashing the president for everything is just so trendy these days. Unsubscribed.
I like how people try to threaten you by saying "IM UNSUBSCRIBED!!" or "IM NOT COMING BACK HERE EVER AGAIN!!"

reminds me of kindergarten
Yeah, i'm still comin back here, but it was hard to digest a lot of these moronic anony comments. Y'all and Kanye are "speaking your minds", woo-hoo, but just because you're mad doesn't make your point valid. That's great that he is philanthropic, but he is still full of shit.

When we're talkin about music: great

This site and politics: suck
sorry, im more interested in freedom than censorship - so i dont agree

but then again, i dont post political views here either

theres a little thing called "personal responsibility" that allows you to go where you please and read or write what you want, without blaming your experiences on other people...
What? The city or state officials didn't organize an evacuation for you and you're too poor or under privileged to leave? Blame bush. Oh? You think you can sit back and relax while a hurricane rolls over you? Blame bush. I completely understand... your house got destroyed and you wanted a new flat screen TV and a box full of gold chains to replace what you lost. You got arrested for it? Blame bush. Look at me I'm white and I found some bread. Look at me I'm black and I stole some bread. Blame bush. Bush, everyone's favorite scapegoat. I can't wait to see who you all blame when he's out of office.
You cant blame bush for how the media portrays these terrible events. you can blame bush for his inablility to think quickly, you can blame him for having a number of our national guard in iraq, people who's job description includes relief during natural disasters. you can blame him for not having leadership qualities that i believe our "commander and chief" should have. maybe he should worry as much about the poor americans as much as he worries about the poor people of iraq.
Bored now.

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