Facial Control for Electric Guitar

It's an MIT project: A guy connected a video camera to a face-tracking program to a Line6 Pod. Control wah by waving your head, step through programs by nodding, etc. The really incredibly strange videos on this page explain it all. (Thanks to Dr Ben and Ektopia)

Lord help us if any 'facially expressive' guitarists get hold of this system... Think Gary Moore or just about any heavy rock player, the poor old Pod will burnout from a data overload from all that gurning...
(He just wanted to show off that he knew what "gurning" was.)

I worry that certain sorts of music would now cause weird neck strain from rhythmically ... er, um ... whatever a synonym for "gurning" is ...
Just the picture weirds me out. I don't think I could sleep after seeing the video. It's a cool concept, but I prefer the pedal over eery hellraiser face wah.
A similar system was made in Japan about ten years ago.... http://www.irc.atr.jp/~mlyons/mouthesizer.html
Eh? Knowing what gurning is makes me cool?


Only one of MANY things that make you cool, I'm sure.
Looks like an amateur porno.

I'm glad the picture link for this posting died, because it was giving me the creeps!
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