eBay of the Day: Univox 1940s valve synth/organ

eBay item #7348019445 is a Univox, a fantastically cool valve-powered portable synth/organ, designed in 1946 by Tom Jennings, who went on to start the Vox company. This article explains it all: a 6 watt valve amp, various organ-style sound tabs (it's monophonic) and a vibrato effect. Best of all, the whole thing folds up into a crocodile skin suitcase. Think of it as a rock'n'roll Synthi. This one claims to 'almost' work, but has had no bids yet at £85.

too bad he wont ship, i would have this in my studio in LA.

this is in great shape for its age.
I can't help thinking, when I see things like this, how cool organ stop switches are compared to membrane switches or rotary encoders. Bring back banks of multi-coloured plastic switch tabs, says I!
A monophonic organ? Geez, no wonder this is on eBay.
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It's worth comparing the Univox to the Clavioline; here are some great links:


this last site is generaly a great site about a lot of rare electronic music instruments and some of the better hacks!
My father had one of these in the 1950's. Back then, it was apparently quite high-tech.
I have one here in Australia it sorta worked when i first got it but i think last time i tried it it didnt,great rare organ i believe originally devised for returning or hospitalised veterans who had lost mobility infact there is a knee operated bar under the keyboard,[was it for amputees]all housed in a crocodile skin case with a pull out keyboard that could be sat on the knees,especially suited for amputees i believe.or am i wrong?
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