eBay of the Day: Super awesome custom Casio SK1

eBay item #7347510568 is probably the best looking circuit-bent Casio SK1 sampler I've ever seen - with a MS20-style wooden casing, a built-in sequencer and an alligator-clip patchbay (you could probably also use worms). The seller needs a serious lesson in writing eBay descriptions - 2,200 words with no paragraph breaks, but he's sold some pretty cool things in the past, like #7335210401, a crazy-looking microphone built into a paint can. The SK1 will set you back $375 on Buy It Now. (via Get Lofi - so visit his blog if you have trouble with my eBay links) UPDATE: It was sold, but now it's been relisted (presumably some deadbeat MT reader couldn't pay up): #7347969742

got sold
Shit, that was quick!!!!!
I think that was the coolest circuit-bend yet. Damn!
definately the coolest circuit bend ive ever seen

i wish that dude had a full on website to show what else he is working on
I emailed the guy for sound samples and more build pictures, but he haven't replied yet....
It looks awesome! I bet it sounds like crap though.
The guy's selling another (?!?) one at the URL below, Buy It Now is $420US:


(If above link doesn't come out right, try going to the orig. EBay link and looking for the More Great Items from this Seller links.)

Wondering how many SK-1s there are out there.
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