ebay of the Day: Most modded TR-606 ever!

The humble TR-606, drum machine brother of the TB-303, doesn't usually get much love, but some people are obviously feeling it. eBay item #7354365370 is a 606 in a 6U rackmount, surrounded by what look like Doepfer modules. It has MIDI sync, individual outs and triggers, a rash of blue LEDs, and a wide selection of both bells and whistles, all wrapped in a slightly icky looking wooden cabinet with a brass plaque. Currently £155 with six days to go. (thanks Alex, also seen on the mighty Matrix Synth)
UPDATE: Turns out this was built by Allan Hall who has also done a similar 909 mod, and built a VCS3 from various hacked modules from Analogue Solutions.

im thinking... probably about $1000 - $1500 by the end of auction

its an amazing mod - damn i wish i had money to burn
LOL some idiot paid £853 for a 606 that looks ugly and has the awful analog solutions mod. The funniest thing is the seller only bought it a few months earlier on ebay for £350, nice easy £503 profit. The faceplate looks very nice but the cheap fake wood cabinet and grotty AS mod (where every sound sounds worse than a stock 606) are crap. Look at the bid history too, looks like a classic case of shill bidding, 3 cancelled bids and a private auction, oh dear.
The price is over the top I agree, but I think this thing is absolutely unique and may well have set the standard for what a modern mod should look like. I would probably rack it though...
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