eBay of the Day #2: Real, working 14' Long MIDI Keyboard

Thanks to Squeezyboy for pointing me towards eBay item #7350576206, a fourteen foot long MIDI keyboard. It starts at £2,000. This page seems to belong to the people who built the piano, complete with a fantastic video of it being played by some workmen. I guarantee it will make your day. It's the sort of thing that Jean Michelle Jarre would have played back in the day. In other keyboards-on-the-'bay news, #7349626808 is an original Fairlight II keyboard (like the ones seen here and here), currently just £60. I've spent a few days thinking I should buy it and turn it into the world's most awesome MIDI controller have it gather dust in house. Similarly, how cool would it be if I wrote MT on a Fairlight Querty Keyboard?

Hmm . . . so it was made for a recent musical theater adaption of the movie Big. (a musical I heard was rather lame) But I wonder what happened to the original keyboard from the movie? I seem to remember it was a commercial product, but I'm really not sure about that.

Anyone know?
I think those guys need to build themselves a giant metronome! Btw did everyone see the giant fake cakes that people pop out of at parties. Seems like they had a few of those.
Funky. The Fairlight keyboard controller is sitting underneath an old Synclavier II board. Man, what that must have cost in 1983.
The piano scene in "Big" was shot in the high-end toy store FAO Schwartz in New York city. They sell this type stuff (which I think was a commercially available item) and last I heard the foot piano is still there and customers can walk on it if they choose.
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Actually, yeah, I do think that they had one of those keyboards at FAO at one point. FAO, by the way, now under different ownership -- definitely no giant keyboards any more. :-(

No other trace online. It's like it came from a time before the Web, a prehistoric age called the 1980s.
Guess what? The original is still available:


$250,000. (No, I didn't accidentally add an extra zero -- this thing really does cost more than a house. Or, er, about the price of a studio apartment in a dangerous neighborhood of the Bronx, given our real estate prices here.)

More here:


I love that it comes with a dance lesson. How about a financial consultant, too?
say WHAT?? couldnt you build something like that for about $2000?

no wonder its still for sale
This one's cheaper:
Gee, thanks, ipodstreet.com. I've always wanted to have comment spam shoved down my gullet while I'm perusing weblogs.

Oh yeah, and that keyboard's cool. But at that price I'd expect it to come with a defibrillator.
This piano very big.

Hong Xiaowan's Studio

Add:Taidong Taizhou Jiangsu China
The original Keyboard is in Children's Museum in New Jersey, outside of Philadelphia, PA.


The inventor creates alot of the exhibits in the museum...its a fun place!
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