Awesome DIY sampler made from cheapo voice recorder

The Gunk Repeater is a homemade four-channel sampler, built around the sample chips from four Ramtronics Reach Me voice recorders. Each channel has a volume control, a trigger, and a pitch control slider. No audio or video clips, unfortunately, but this thing must be great! It's from Warranty Void, a big collection of circuit bending stuff. (Thanks, Luka)

Cool... I've been planning to build something similar from various toy samplers, haven't quite collected enough of them yet tho...
That's awesome.. clear plastic box too, nice touch!

Someone in Taiwan should make these in a factory and sell them for £20 a go. I'd get one! (lacking the necessary technical skillz)
pidg has it right: I could in no way construct something this cool, but for under 40 quid I'd love to have one.
I'm intrigued by the casing. What is that, a Tupperware lunchbox?
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