x0xb0x build-your-own 303 kit in the wild

Remember the x0xb0x 303 clone kit that I featured back in February? Well, the first batch of kits went out, and Jonnay has posted this Flickr photoset of him putting one together. The x0xb0x site has been updated, with a gallery of finished boxes, sound samples, mods and a friendly forum. It looks like the original batch of 100 kits has sold out at $300 each, as there's already a waiting list for the next batch. If you can't wait, eBay item #7344340713 is an unbuilt kit, currently $187 with almost a week to go. (thanks Robert)

i cant believe people still want this peice of junk so badly

where are the EMS Synthi kits? or how about a Buchla Music Easel kit?
whatz a 303?
Oh yeah, definitely need an EMS Synthi kit. Seriously. I have months of free time to put it together, and hundreds of dollars worth of parts...

If you want an EMS kit, why not step up, buy a Synthi or VCS-3, reverse engineer it, source EVERY FRICKIN' PART 100 TIMES, and sell the kits online? I mean, it's obviously not difficult...


Go Jonnay! My x0xb0x is nearly complete, looking greatly forward to using it to sequence my SH-101...
Its called a "joke". You should look into them.
Well, you would probably want to make it sound like a joke in order for people to look into them.

I'm reading this after the fact and it still doesn't sound like a joke.... But the Joke would really be on us if you did reverse engineer the VCS-3...

Maybe you could even beat Robin at it, and get his customer's that have been on the waiting list for years... (this is a joke ) ;)
Ive heard sarcasm is hard to percieve over the internet. I usually dont have any problems - but some do. Especially if they are fucking morons.
You misspelt moran, dude.
Ok - let me get this straight... I'm supposed to read a concept as abstract as sarcasm in your post?

Maybe it'd be easier for all of us if you'd master capitalization and punctuation before attempting the more difficult textual acrobatics. Moron.
oi yeti, i've heard of these things called "smileys" - :) - and the kidz all think they're awesome! They use them when they say something, but they want the reader to *get* the joke cos other people can't hear the tone of their voice over the internet. Check it out sometime! ;)
You're all a bunch of trolls.

Has anyone heard the differences between a x0xb0x and a TB303? I really wouldn't be bothered getting a x0xb0x if I were you; wait on the list for ages, pay $300 for the kit, spend ages building it -
sheesh just splash out and get a real teebee for $200ish.
umm... that's a joke right sh0e?

The tb sounds better. The x0x will send CV and sequence 303 style. Mutants are mangling the os as we speak.
The 303 sounds better.
The x0x can be had and will sequence outboard vi CV 303 style.
Mutants are mangliung the OS as we speak.
I'm still looking for repair parts for a roland 303. Only need some massive microswitches (under the keys) and I can give it back to te owner. The rest of you guys, good luck to you, Robert
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