Why you will love Audio Damage's Dubstation

I just got back from travelling and got to play with Audio Damage's new Dubstation plugin. So far, it's great. The 3D comic book GUI is very nice, and the sound is really solid and smooth-but-gritty. If you've ever liked a dub record (and you've got $39), then this is the delay you've been looking for.

Yes yes yes I must buy this!!!!
"This one straight to a guy bumbaclot head!!!!
Waan come treat rejectedly.
Bout I man too culturally.
No want I pon MTV.
And think say you done with me.
This is a rudeboy shufflin.
Back-way with you muffling.
Rudeboy skanking. (Them want to come an stress me.)"
dubstation r0x... cheap as f00k too!
i own this, and its an excellent dub delay.
AU + VST on OSX too!
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